Example sentences of "i 've been [prep] " in BNC.

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1 And I think er Well Pat and I have discussed that a little bit as well , cos I 've been under some pressure in this direction with Alice .
2 And I said to myself , I 've been under a boss
3 I do n't have to go for examinations at all now , I come under , what 's it , you know my bloody pension it marvels me , I 've been under every ruddy regimental paymaster and , in the , and Scotland I think , I , I at present I 'm with one in Scotland , but eh , mucking about with
4 I 've been cross the road .
5 I 've been into this look for quite a while now , I know the rules .
6 ‘ I was thinking that whenever I 've been into a student 's flat there was a different atmosphere … a lot of things pinned up on the walls , for instance posters mostly … ’
7 Up our way , they all give you feedback , like you know , several branches in like , the North , every branch I 've been into , there 's always been positive feedback , and negative and positive .
8 ‘ Do you know how concerned I 've been about you and this damn phantom baby ? ’
9 He says , I 've been about , he said I see you still sleep in your bed , but you 're not putting them bloody pistachios !
10 Now I 've learned , I 've been since Saturday as I told you and I 've , I 've learned how to make a good question .
11 In fact , I 've been considering buying one . ’
12 I 've been through both already so I know what I 'm talking about .
13 Still , I 've been through the trade directory and come up with something a bit more hopeful .
14 I 've been through it all .
15 ‘ I think I 've been through being influenced by people .
16 Then , stretching a point , he declared : ‘ Now I 've been through it all , I have to admit I had a ball . ’
17 ‘ Father Poole , you ca n't imagine the hell I 've been through these past few weeks . ’
18 Maddison , 22 , has survived four knee operations and he said : ‘ I 've been through the worst time of my career — now , at last , I 'm getting the chance to show what I can do .
19 I 've been through so much more trouble than Sean , but he 's famous and nothing he ever does is secret .
20 I 've been through it and I do n't want them to have to go through it because it can be stopped .
21 I 've been through my neighbourhood , where they 've torn down liquor stores and burnt down everything .
22 Lord Campbell went on : ‘ I 've been through the book and much of it is nonsense .
23 ‘ Since we broke up a year ago I 've been through so many relationships , and my songs are now a lot more about being really fickle with women , and not knowing who I like , and being really insecure about who likes me . ’
24 I 've been through a lot of stuff because of it .
25 I 've been through everything ; set-backs and fear .
26 I 've been , I 've been through them all and er there 's only one or two that I 've not actually had any contact with actually one way or another .
27 I 've been through all this once , Cassie — with Bella .
28 But I 've been through it a dozen , twenty times already .
29 I 've been through all that .
30 I 've been through some interesting times of late , ’ Lucy told him , and smiled along with him when she saw that he understood the reference she was making .
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