Example sentences of "i 've given you " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Look lady , I 've given ya all the rope I could and I guess you jus ' plumb hung yourself .
2 ‘ OK , ’ said Francis , ‘ I 've given you months , darling .
3 I 've given you the message .
4 I hope I 've given you the motivation — and confidence — to go out and develop your own personal communication style to its full potential .
5 I 've given you Hell from the minute you walked in here , and that 's how it 'll stay .
6 I 've given you all a choice , but you 're the only one who is getting it straight , all cards on the table .
7 ‘ Still , at least you seem to appreciate I 've given you the plum job , whilst landing myself with the task of keeping an eye on Fedorov .
8 I 've given you the best six months of
9 They were standing now , in the as bomb-hit kitchen , Rab and Doctor ; and Doctor — she was taller than him , what with her feather and hat , by a good head — said , ‘ Those pills that I 've given you , take them only as prescribed .
10 I 've given you one answer .
11 ‘ Luckily , yes — Listen , any information I 've given you is in confidence , remember that .
12 Yes , good stuff , but make do with what I 've given you .
13 I just want to read three anecdotes which , and I mean I 've given you sort of odd statistics and the advantage of anecdotes is that they actually put flesh on the bones I think , and they really give you a sense of what it meant to be er a peasant in China in the nineteen thirties .
14 Oh , I 've given you such pain ! ’
15 ( A rush ) I 've given you all this .
16 I 've given you an assurance … ’
17 Okay and in fact I 've given you part of your homework is to write out the technical names .
18 The other part of your homework I 've given you to do , is to write down all of the intervals that you can possibly have .
19 two of these at bedtime for yourself , and The ones I 've given you have a slight effect on your skin as well .
20 and I 've given you a good old fashioned tonic to get your strength all up again .
21 I 've given you the facts , gentlemen ; you ca n't expect me to do your embroidery for you . ’
22 I 've given you the total message . ’
23 I 've given you these
24 I 've given you something to get that leg sorted Mary .
25 Now I 've given you some good tablets for this
26 Now , I 've given you some cream to put on as well Anne .
27 Now I 've given you er a tablet to take Mary , it 's the , it 's a one that they 've used in fact down at the Pain Clinics , these special Pain
28 Now , I 've given you some antibiotics .
29 And I 've given you special stuff for nighttime to keep the back of your throat clear at night .
30 I 've given you some other special ones to take during the day just to settle your nerves
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