Example sentences of "i 've be to " in BNC.

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1 I 've been to fifteen funerals of my friends this year .
2 I 've been to something like two dozen breweries in Belgium .
3 ‘ I go to flamenco classes , collect pictures of elaborate dance costumes and I 've been to lots of shows . ’
4 I 've been to that riding-stable — Angela 's sister Jennifer and I went hacking one day when I stayed the weekend there .
5 I 've been to Appleby , ’ I said , ‘ to the gypsy horse fair . ’
6 I 've been to the open-air theatre on the island every year since it opened , and I always tell people that you 've never really seen Shakespeare until you 've seen it on Brownsea .
7 The weekly motoring experience of Mr Dempsey ( ‘ We 're in it together ’ , 28 October ) presumably consists of a trip to Tesco 's in a car covered with ‘ I 've been to Blackpool ’ stickers and furry dice dangling from the mirror .
8 I 've been to a party in the village of Sutton , and I 'm on my way home . ’
9 It 's the closest I 've been to my ideal live setup , really .
10 I 've been to Brentwoods today to talk about another one . ’
11 ‘ I 've had a most interesting day , ’ he said , ‘ I 've been to the Balcombe Street siege . ’
12 The next thing is , especially if they 're Terrans , they say , I 've been to the Moon .
13 I 've been to the mainland to report it .
14 For a start , I will travel and go places I 've not seen , and return to places I 've been to but not really seen because of the tennis .
15 ‘ I 've been coming to games at the Manor since I was 10 … not every week like but since three seasons ago I have n't missed a match — I 've been to them all .
16 I 've been to the natural childbirth classes in Muswell Hill , I 've sat on sag-bags and chanted ‘ Ommmmmm ’ with the best of them .
17 I 've been to every fuckin' Pogues gig this side of the Atlantic ’ one die-hard protested , ‘ and Shane is the man .
18 I 'm not always very good at saying what I mean , except at work , that is ; I 've been to Europe and the States but never to Nineveh and Distant Ophir ; I do n't have much time — literally — for the arts , though I 'm not against them in any way , you understand ( sometimes there 's a nice concert on the car radio ; like most people I read a book or two on holiday ) ; and I do n't give much of a thought to my clothes beyond looking smart at work and feeling comfortable when I get home .
19 I 've been to Cockermouth in a pony and trap ! "
20 I 've been to it .
21 Yes Chairer , why do n't we pat ourselves on our , on the back about this it would it be useful i in in the the report , a further report that 's gon na come forward if there could be some indication as to actual format that was adopted when a person goes to one of his welfare panels , cos I 've been to three and there does n't seem to be any consistency whatsoever in the way that things occur or whatever !
22 I 've been to Fincara 's Isle and spoken to her ! ’
23 The other place I 've been to is Thailand , where prostitution is blatantly up-front and hard to avoid .
24 I 've been to a fire where there was a huge black cloud coming out of a , a flat
25 Sergeant Flavell sounds a little odd when I talk to him and tell him I 've been to Jersey for the day but I 'm on my way back to Edinburgh .
26 Tension just builds up and it builds up , and when you come out you say , ‘ Right , I 've got nothing to lose anyway , I 've been to prison so I know what it 's like .
27 I 've been to Oxford Circus , stayed there from one o'clock to four o'clock , wandering about .
28 But now I think , just because I 've been to prison there 's nothing wrong with me .
29 ‘ Did Mrs Fairfax tell you I 've been to London ? ’ he asked .
30 I 've well I 've been to er
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