Example sentences of "i just [vb past] to " in BNC.

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1 I just had to be patient , it was one of those things .
2 Only time would tell now whether it would go without mishap I just had to be patient .
3 I just had to . "
4 ‘ I had them on one night at the South Bank Poly and I just thought to myself , ‘ I ca n't be bothered with this , I really ca n't ’ .
5 I just offered to erm in Tech class can you ?
6 I just went to bed for a sleep ’ , he revealed .
7 I just went to the waterfall and back .
8 But you see , I just went to the education officer and I say , he , he ran it , he , it , it was , it was his responsibility the Guild 's were and I went to him about a Guild matter and I said oh , erm how I mentioned that I was working and he said well where are you working ?
9 I just went to Mike and Rob 's house and my friends .
10 He cried for put him on the bed , could n't do no college work so I just went to bed and left him .
11 Yes , he took a deflection off erm Andy Melville , I think he was going for his second , and erm I just managed to you know , just get down to my left and just keep it there , and it just sort of stuck so I was pleased with that .
12 Pickering said : ‘ I just appealed to the linesman .
13 ‘ I pushed the pram to the top of the street I was afraid they were following me but when I looked round there was nobody there so I just ran to my mum 's . ’
14 I just said to my hubby this morning , I said , ‘ The sooner its the Sixth of January and we 've got a they decorations back up the loft and poked all they clogged-up pine needles out the Hoover tube with a Knitting needle and its back to auld claes and parritch the better pleased I 'll be . ’
15 His eyes were open and seemed to be focusing pretty well , I just said to him , ‘ Hang on in there , Lester ’ — and he seemed to take it in . ’
16 I just said to her , ‘ You throw away what you do n't like , I do n't care ’ .
17 So I got very , very depressed about it all and I just said to the officers , ‘ Put me in my cell and leave me alone .
18 ‘ I grew up when that kind of modernism was running rampant — it still is — when to be a respectable composer meant that you had to acquire a defiantly difficult style and I just said to myself , ‘ surely there 's another way to do this ? ’
19 I just said to myself ‘ Do n't let the bastard wear you down .
20 I just said to Walt , we ought to be getting a gon-doh-lar back . ’
21 And I just said to her , ‘ Fine — because do n't forget who paid for the reception ’ . ’
22 I just said to her , you know , just tell them
23 cos what I , I just said to him I said look , I says a er sometimes I says it 's an awkward time drop for us .
24 I do n't know yet , I just said to Christy what time will you be in in the morning I do n't have time yet , in case if I have I can ask you .
25 I sa , I said I just went I just said to her look Hannah you do n't have to come in the car !
26 I erm I just said to him
27 I saw her and I , I be honest with you I hid , I be totally honest and I 'll tell her the same if I see her because I 've just found out then that they could n't do any more for me dad and I really did n't want to speak or see anybody and I sat in the canteen on my own , I just said to me mum , mum on the phone I said mum I need to do this on my own I said I 'm just gon na have a coffee in the cafeteria and I do n't know if you 've been in there but the cafeteria is all glass and she pulled up in a white van delivering something to the office , I thought oh no it 's Jenny she 's the last bleeding person I want there , I do n't mean that
28 Right , and I just said to her , we will know the outcome of it wo n't we ?
29 You know she said I just said to her oh how 's Jimmy sort of thing and she said he 's alright .
30 No , I do n't want to do that I just said to her , I said you know , you can sort of erm ask Brenda she said I 'm doing that I 'm not on christmas day , would you ?
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