Example sentences of "i can see [pron] " in BNC.

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1 When she s finished combing , she puts the mirror on the table in front of me so I can see myself .
2 It 's just that I can see myself listening to the Brahms Quartets rather more often .
3 Yet if I reflect upon what happened , in what some might call an existential manner , or attempt what physicists might call a ‘ thought experiment ’ to reconstruct my situation , I can see myself as having been assailed by various impulses : to assist the dog and stop the car , to comfort the children , to drive on lest I and they were to be injured in an accident , to avoid the horror of confronting a demented animal .
4 Remembering the visit to the cotton mill , on the other hand , I can see myself watching from the polished floor ; I am in the picture .
5 I can see nothing like it , ’ Bragg said irritably .
6 I can see nothing in democratic thinking which allows us to think of " the people " as anything other than the whole body of citizens , minorities as well as majorities , those who oppose and dissent as well as those who belong to the dominant majority .
7 I can see nothing the matter with the use of Form N111 although I agree that the form would be improved by a reference to the contemnor 's right to try to purge his contempt .
8 I can see nothing in principle to prevent a contemnor applying to the first instance court to be released from custody on the ground that the failure to serve him with the committal order has kept him in ignorance of the contempts for which he has been imprisoned and that , in the circumstances , justice requires his release .
9 Here again , provided the driver has such an opportunity , I can see nothing in the language of the statute which would justify a procedural requirement that the driver be invited to express his own preference for giving blood or urine , either before a constable indicates which specimen he will require or at all .
10 I can see nothing in section 61 to suggest that these trust provisions apply only if the trust existed at the time the deposit was made .
11 I can see nothing irrational in the Secretary of State devolving the task upon junior ministers .
12 I can not face a quarrel and I can see nothing to quarrel about .
13 I can see nothing but I certainly feel it .
14 We shall have to consider the sub judice rule in relation to what is said , but at present I can see nothing sub judice in this matter .
15 I do n't know about you , but if I had to sort of pass something on to somebody else to check , if I can see somebody scribbling on it , I , I , I , I feel quite edgy , I hate it , I like to feel that I can do it and I can do it well and that other people do n't need to have to amend it .
16 ‘ No , I can see yer all right — ’
17 If they equate punishment with physical punishment , I can see their point and would generally agree with them ( although most parents would feel that such a proposition is very difficult to apply ) .
18 I can see their point .
19 Coun Nilsson said : ‘ I can see their point , but the solution would be to seek a sponsor such as ICI or British Steel who have a vested interest in the area instead of selling the ground . ’
20 But I can see we 're not going to agree .
21 This year I can see we will pick even more .
22 if you can bear with us on that I can see we 've got some out outdoor fiends who are quite happy to be sitting here without any jackets on but other people doing , doing the opposite .
23 ‘ As far as I can see we can either go for Dersingham or for the man himself .
24 I can see we 're having difficulty with these questions no it 's just the answers , okay , question five , now this one 's easy if you 're a surgery , if you have a tracheotomy , where would you show off the scar ?
25 Oh I can see we gon na get a new phone tonight .
26 But as far as I can see we are more or less covered .
27 I can see them there as in a picture when , for the last time , arthritis having finally prevailed , they sat quietly together in the sun contemplating a magnificent crop of potatoes spread out to dry — the final gift of that bounteous old garden .
28 I can see them from here , ’ I explained .
29 And I can see them all ,
30 Slowly , and your hands where I can see them , ’ Trent cautioned .
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