Example sentences of "i will just [noun] " in BNC.

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1 Now I 'll just Carl I think and put the on .
2 I 'll just dose off here
3 ‘ I think I 'll just kind of duck down in your pocket if that 's OK , chief .
4 I 've already put in our comments in writing on this to Chris and I 'll just sort of draw some of them save me repeating them .
5 Erm I 'll just sort of er talk briefly about sort of main trends and , and sort of output and orders and so on and then go through in terms of some of the implications that results as regards to employment and domestic crisis .
6 And they 've got ta try and walk backwards I 'll just sort of go whoop !
7 Right , this is an extremely good slide , I did take this myself , erm of the actual dress of the eighteen forties , I 'll just sort of point out its components .
8 I 'll just tea up there cos she has a tablet does n't she ?
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