Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I asked where her suitcase was and she said , under the bed , where else ?
2 When I asked where I should send the woman I was told to contact the neurosurgical bed manager , who would tell me which ward to send her to .
3 I met the company commander ; I told him I had brought up some grenades and barbed-wire ; I asked where I was to put them .
4 In preparing my speech I recalled ( as the reader also may ) the occasion during my first watch in Tartar when the first lieutenant had shown me the various instruments on the bridge , and that when I asked why one had a canvas cover , he had said , ‘ Oh , that 's the Mountbatten station-keeping gear , and we keep it covered because the captain finds it quite useless . ’
5 ‘ No , no , we are not brave , we are very frightened ’ , was the inevitable response when I asked why they always fled .
6 When I asked why they chose me , George said , because you are the President of the Oxford Drama Club/my bank manager/my oldest friend/the boss/have known us for twenty-five years/you are the tallest/you have the loudest voice/ , and Martha said , because you have known Annabelle since she was fourteen/a baby/a child/all her life/at school/at college/you tell the best jokes .
7 Of course , I began to suspect — it was terrible and at last I asked why my father did n't write to me .
8 I asked why he could n't just plead guilty .
9 I asked why you want to know . ’
10 I asked why you had to be going . ’
11 I asked how we were going to wake up because I for one did n't have an alarm clock on me , and he said , ‘ Always wake up when I want .
12 ‘ All right , thank you , ’ Dorothy would say when I asked how they were keeping .
13 ‘ Two weeks after we were married , I asked how her pregnancy was going .
14 I asked how it happened .
15 I asked how he thought I should do it and he said buy a tenoner .
16 When I asked how he communicated with Bengali patients who spoke no English he said ‘ I have no trouble in communicating with them because I learned pidgin English in the army . ’
17 I asked how he viewed the invasion by other southern factions .
18 Much taken aback , not least because Amy and I had had a number of conversations about her low opinion of the Church and what it stood for , I asked how she knew it was Jesus .
19 And , if you recall , I asked how she could be so sure .
20 When I asked earlier what those penalties might be , I was fobbed off with the answer that the matter would be referred to the industrial tribunal , and that the worker involved might receive some form of compensation .
21 When I back there I am sure I will have changed to a certain extent and I hope it will have helped to develop my managerial skills . ’
22 I flung open my double-glazed windows before I went to sleep and the first call to prayer of the Muslim day was a strident awakening .
23 As I tottered away I paused and addressed the big man 's back as he prepared for his next victim .
24 That night , I read again their separate accounts of Raasay , to see what I had missed : the streams of which Johnson wrote , ‘ one of the brooks turns a cornmill , and at least one produces trouts ’ ; , the garden , described by Boswell , ‘ plentifully stocked with vegetables , and strawberries , raspberries , currants , etc. ’ ; and a swift passing observation in one of Johnson 's letters to Hester Thrale , a reference he does not include in his official text .
25 I read somewhere there was something called bidding ?
26 I never used to be able to read good before I went into prison : I used to get into the book and think , ‘ What 's that word ? ’ and then cut the word down to size until I made up what it was .
27 I made up me mind
28 Now in those days you never got an album deal from a record company unless you had a hit single , but I made up my mind that the sort of stuff he had would make a very good album , so I went to Decca with that view in mind , trying to get an album deal , and did get a deal for him .
29 On that first brief visit I made up my mind that one day I would return there .
30 Aided by nostalgia , I made up my mind , there and then , to return to Nigeria on foot .
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