Example sentences of "it be for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 How has it been for yourself , obviously you 've been here with your children , your husband 's been away for more than a month , in Iraq , there must have been er terrible thoughts going through you mind at certain times ?
2 What kind of a world would it be for them ?
3 So you 've got ta go away , think like burglars , and think how easy is it , would it be for me to break into my own home ?
4 How difficult will it be for her to recover ?
5 How hard would it be for you to live entirely without each of the following basic ingredients in their various forms for just three weeks ? ( choose one answer . )
6 The more formal the meeting , with motions , amendments and voting , the easier will it be for you to record the discussion and conclusions .
7 Could it be for you ?
8 It 's for what the doctor calls angina .
9 It 's for what ?
10 It 's for what it is it 's if say like Mark or the staff were upstairs
11 it 's for her own good mind Betty .
12 She 's coming round , sh you know , she understands it 's for her benefit as well because the doors on the council houses they 're like that , just rotten !
13 it 's for her good
14 It 's for him that I am accepting this honour .
15 It 's for him to come down here and settle his debts , like everybody else in the valley .
16 Well , I says to him , I 'm getting sick of these calls cos you do n't know if it 's for him or him .
17 Well I er do n't agree that there has been er understaffing and in the statement which I made to the House today I was able to point out what a very big increase in er the total complement of the prison officers has taken place during recent years , but it 's up to Lord Justice Woolf to look in to whatever evidence is put before him , it 's for him to look at the terms of reference and he will no doubt decide what is relevant and what is not .
18 It 's for everyone .
19 It 's for everyone . ’
20 It 's organisers say it 's for everyone and it 's receiving public funding .
21 It 's for something deeper , something in your blood , that no one can take from you . ’
22 In other words it 's not part of its standard employment allocation but it 's put it in the local plan so that people know , the locals know , that that field over there those fields over there erm are not guaranteed for ever as countryside but on the other hand they 're jolly well not gon na be released unless it 's for something extremely special for which there would be a statement carried through from the structure plan , elaborated on no doubt at local level , which set the rules .
23 ‘ Their pride is not for each other , it 's for themselves .
24 ‘ He 's just jealous because each time the telephone rings it 's for me and not for him .
25 Does that mean it 's for me or Joe 's dad ? ’
26 It 's for me , Thérèse exclaimed : it 's from the nuns in Soeur Dosithée 's old convent .
27 Then I inhale long and slowly , because it 's for me to make the move .
28 It 's for me , ’ she said aloud .
29 And so it 's for you it 's for me , for the person sitting beside you and behind , it is for every one of us !
30 I do n't thing it 's for me .
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