Example sentences of "it be [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Had it been properly directed there would have been a good contract and A would have been liable in damages to B for not delivering the horse .
2 Cardinal Suenens pointed out to him that although no one could say he had no right to produce Humanae Vitae on his own , it would have had more credibility had it been collegially prepared .
3 He said little , as might have been expected , although one of his obiter dicta is remarkable both for its potential value , had it been publicly known , to the Soviet apologists of 1939–40 , and for the slovenliness , almost the vulgarity , of language for the occasion .
4 Has it been accurately recorded ?
5 For whatever reason , his concert appearances from then on revealed only occasional glimpses of his mettle , and of the recordings which followed , only the Rachmaninov Third Concerto with Abbado added lustre to the legend — it would have done so a sight more effectively had it been decently recorded by CBS ( 10/88 ) .
6 The court was driven to conclude that the jury would not necessarily have convicted had it been correctly directed .
7 A task has high structure when the goal and the methods of achieving it are well understood and agreed upon — see Chapter 10 , Objective Setting .
8 Change can be achieved more effectively when those who are to implement it are well informed .
9 It is important that that 's understood , and the sorts of issues arising from it are also understood .
10 The manager of the package being processed and all packages at the next level in the structure which reference it are temporarily changed to the specified user .
11 Besides , as BR executives cogently argue , the quality of the track and the services that run on it are increasingly linked .
12 The change will need careful management to ensure that the major gains for patients that will come from it are properly realised .
13 The event and the feeling associated with it are inseparably locked together in the brain .
14 The definition of a problem , its source and the ‘ needs , that arise from it are frequently established by professionals at an early stage and as we see here the parents , because they lack information and power , may find it very difficult to challenge such assumptions .
15 The ideas behind it are partly derived from Hartley 's chapter on The Pleasures and Pains of the Imagination , which explained that — ‘ the grandeur of some [ natural ] scenes , and the novelty of others , by exciting surprise and wonder [ makes ] a great difference in the preceding and subsequent states of mind ’ ; he also contrasted ‘ the offensiveness , dangers , and corruption of populous cities , and the health , tranquillity and innocence which the actual view , or mental contemplation , of rural scenes introduces ’ .
16 Arguments over the validity of the notice and justification of the motives of the partners serving it are better left to an appropriate tribunal ( judge , arbitrator or mediator ) than carried on in acrimonious correspondence .
17 Nonetheless , Hart is highly critical of Devlin 's identification of society with its shared morality and he further accuses Devlin of conceiving of morality as a ‘ seamless web ’ , so that those who deviate from one part of it are almost bound to deviate from the whole .
18 The steering file and the modules listed within it are then verified to ensure that :
19 The meaning of ‘ privatisation ’ and arguments put forward in favour of it are then considered .
20 In his discussion of the problem in ‘ Mourning and Melancholia ’ Freud offers the initial hypothesis that mania is to be understood as a state in which the ego appears to have got over its loss of the object with the consequence that the instinctual drives previously fixated on it are now liberated — giving rise to the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the manic condition .
21 The Pisante brothers who own it are now helping with inquiries , as the phrase goes .
22 There is concern about the law in this area and I believe that the arguments on it are finely balanced .
23 Sometimes we find things like the Moan Lisa , which have been denigrated and used in lots of different ways , but some people when they see it are still overpowered by the beauty of the object .
24 We may say that a criterion of legal validity or source of law is supreme if rules identified by reference to it are still recognized as rules of the system , even if they conflict with rules identified by reference to the other criteria , whereas rules identified by reference to the latter are not so recognized if they conflict with the rules identified by reference to the supreme criterion .
25 This bold hypothesis would still be accepted by many anthropologists and historians , and even those who have tried to refute it are still working within its framework .
26 Though his list and its implications have been largely ignored by writers on the Muftilik , apart from a passing nod from Mustakimzade , his view was adopted directly , indirectly or independently by Hezarfen , d'Ohsson and Hammer , and echoes of it are occasionally found in other authors .
27 Yet each of these monotheistic faiths developed its own distinctive mysticism , which was instinctively recognised by the establishment as an authentic — even an honoured — spirituality , though relations with it are sometimes strained .
28 postmodernism 's self-reflexiveness can be defended , even on the grounds of responsibility upon which dismissals of it are usually based .
29 The railway and the many stories about it are usually mentioned in guidebooks as being one of the local points of interest .
30 Typical of these is the Invective against France which survives in several manuscripts : it depicts the French as effeminate , combining the characteristics of the lynx , viper and wolf ; King Philip 's fraudulent claims to the French throne and his unworthiness for it are elaborately exposed with biblical and legal references ; by contrast Edward 's victories , secured by his virtuousness , serve only to prove that God was on his side .
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