Example sentences of "it be [prep] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 Or had it been between them , or only in her own highly tuned emotions ?
2 Well Ken , has it been worth it ?
3 She was willing to be used by him and the outrageous request received the obedient , ‘ Let it be to me according to your word ’ ( Luke 1.38 ) .
4 Oh , what pleasure would it be to me were there a good understanding between my mother and myself , when I am assured if I know my own heart , that I am so far from having any ill against her that I have almost undone myself to serve her …
5 Yet just how helpful will it be to us ?
6 What kind of a world would it be for them ?
7 So you 've got ta go away , think like burglars , and think how easy is it , would it be for me to break into my own home ?
8 How difficult will it be for her to recover ?
9 How hard would it be for you to live entirely without each of the following basic ingredients in their various forms for just three weeks ? ( choose one answer . )
10 The more formal the meeting , with motions , amendments and voting , the easier will it be for you to record the discussion and conclusions .
11 Could it be for you ?
12 Would they find each other much changed , or would it be like it was when he had come back from school for the holidays ?
13 As long as it were worth it !
14 An organization would be most unlikely to dismiss them without good reason , and if it were to they would have little difficulty finding alternative work .
15 I mean , she sort of flew the kite as it were with you know , if the wife was erm presumably the husband in other cases was mad beyond belief it was a good reason for casting her off .
16 The beauty and novelty of the scenery , the luxuriance of the shrubs and above all the originality of the Natives has astonished them beyond description , and so raised their enthusiasm that they seem scarcely to have felt the labour and fatigue of ascending high mountains or traversing deep glens and ravines , in fact so many wonders in the shape of animal creation have sprung up , as it were before them , that their imaginations have been kept in one continued state of delighted excitement .
17 How could we decide whether it had free will or was just a robot , programmed to respond as if it were like us ?
18 It 's up and it 's past It 's it 's Presnareburn in the Skrandert I it was to be a fort of long ago too , Fort
19 It 's past it is n't it ?
20 I 'll get myself , I know it 's past it , but it it does , it does !
21 I shall sell then , it 's with me at a hundred and thirty pounds .
22 It 's with me at six hundred and fifty pounds all done at six fifty then ?
23 Lot seventy Edison Bell Standard , there is no horn included with this Lot , please note , Lot seventy and I have two hundred pounds offered and twenty , two forty , sixty , two eighty three hundred and twenty , three fifty , three eighty , four hundred , four hundred pounds against you then at the back now , any more at four hundred , it 's with me , four twenty , four fifty , four eighty on my left seated at four eighty any more now at four hundred and eighty pounds ?
24 Three hundred and twenty , three fifty three hundred and fifty pounds now , it 's with me still at three fifty , any more ?
25 Twenty , three fifty , three eighty four hundred and twenty , four fifty four eighty , five hundred and fifty , six hundred six hundred pounds against you now , it 's with me at six hundred pounds , are you all done ?
26 At five thousand it 's with me at five thousand five hundred fifth row at five thousand five hundred pounds , any more at five thousand five hundred pounds down there and I shall sell at five thousand five hundred pounds .
27 It 's with me and I 'll sell at four hundred and twenty , four fifty against you at four fifty , any more ?
28 All done then , it 's with me still at four hundred and fifty pounds against you all in the room .
29 It 's with me then at four hundred pounds and I shall sell at four hundred pounds .
30 Four hundred pounds , any more , it 's with me at four hundred now , are you all done ?
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