Example sentences of "it is [prep] [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 So it is with me , stuck with gloves and stick as soon as I step out of the front door .
2 At least that 's the way it is with me , if I can see something in operation I can understand it far more quickly than when someone tries to describe it ’
3 ‘ You know the way it is with me .
4 ‘ I do n't know what it is with me and my left foot …
5 I 've smoked for over fifteen years , and it has become , it 's something to do with my hands and I think that 's what it is with me .
6 I know it is with me , er , with Dad 's Army , so er , if they 're getting huge ratings with those repeats , well , they 're obviously gon na put them on are n't they ?
7 I fear much evil while it is with me .
8 all it is with me
9 No , she said she gets arthritis in hers and I expect that 's what it is with mine .
10 Quirinus is lord there and he knows me , for it is with he and his Myrcans that I took up service over a year ago .
11 Throughout the philosophy of mind and certainly amongst both lay and professional psychologists there is the view that basically two kinds of fact exist : physical facts about the brain and the external world , on the one hand , and facts ‘ about how it is with us ’ , on the other .
12 So it is with us , Master Corbett .
13 ‘ Because that 's the way it is with us , ’ he returned with the faintest of smiles .
14 he used an illustration of the pig , you know you can polish the pig up , you can clean it , you can scrub it , you can oh de cologne it , you can do all sorts of things with it , you can tie a nice pink ribbon around it and you can put it in a palace , but it 's still a pig and it lives like a pig and you can cl and no matter how clean you 've made it , it 'll soon find some dirt to wallow in and the ribbon might make it look nice in the show ground but it does n't make any difference to its nature and so it is with us and so Jesus did n't start on the outside , but he starts at the inside he deals with the route of the problem , in One Corinthians chapter fifteen and in verse three it says for I deliver to you as a first importance , this is the basic thing , he says to them this was the first thing that I said to you because it was the most important that Christ died for our sins , according to the scripture , what ever else Christ gives to us , what ever else he does for us , what ever else the gospel produces , the basic , the most important , the fundamental thing is that Christ died for our sins .
15 It would be convenient to report that Ross Cranston 's performance was as immaculate as his appearance or that it is on him that the smart money will be laid .
16 The whole thing is a lot tougher on Tod than it is on me .
17 It 's much harder on them than it is on you . )
18 Chairman Wayne Calloway tells investors : ‘ Our pink-eyed friends on the cover are the best way we know to symbolise rapid growth — something as natural to us as it is to them . ’
19 Presumably pop-stars and politicians feel otherwise , but many people like to feel they can control the extent to which their names are known ; it is to them an aspect of personal privacy , and it extends to other identifiers like home address .
20 So it is to them , the creators of American literature , that I look for clarification about the invention and effect of Africanism in the United States .
21 This in turn depends on the relevance it has , how important it is to them not to get pregnant , and how easy emotionally and practically it is to go somewhere and ask for it .
22 The Regulations are presently the responsibility of Building Control Officers within local authorities and it is to them that you should apply if you want to do any work which might be affected by the Regulations .
23 It just shows people around here do care about the past and how relevant it is to them today
24 Consequently , it is to him that the European world owes a uniform calendar corresponding to the needs of a universal society and based upon the Christian year .
25 He is the chief executive and administrative officer of the local authority , and it is to him in the end that the council must turn to see that the decisions of the council are executed .
26 It is to him that the most certain benefit of holding more surgeries would accrue : they would give proof of availability and sympathetic concern and increase the number of his personal contacts .
27 The landowner , Lord Wharncliffe , conscious of the loss of one of Britain 's greatest natural assets , immediately instructed his workmen to reconstruct the lip exactly as it was before , and it is to him that we now owe the sight of Hardraw Force in all its almost-original splendour .
28 It is to him we go when we need support .
29 ‘ We shall send to you , Khan , and you shall advise us — but Alexei shall lead them , and it is to him we shall issue our patent . ’
30 If we want to understand and possess the Spirit in his fullness , we need to keep our eyes firmly on Christ himself , for it is to him that all the Spirit 's authentic witness is directed .
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