Example sentences of "it 's [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It 's rather pointing that way , though . ’
2 Well , while United have been playing at White Hart Lane , it 's rather overshadowed Bicester Rugby Cup at Hucklecote Old Boys in the Provincial Insurance Cup .
3 ‘ Quite honestly , it 's rather thrown me . ’
4 It 's damnably distracting , having you in the edge of my vision like that . ’
5 So it 's equally unsurprising that he receives a steady stream of unsolicited portfolios from eager aspirants searching for their break .
6 Looking to go public in the next year , it is now out for a $1m second round to be used primarily for sales and marketing , efforts it 's yet to put its back into and needs a vice president of marketing and marketing and two sales people .
7 The present duke has made some additions — as part of the pleaseure gardens , he 's added a maze , the second longest in the world — planted five years ago , it 's yet to grow to its full height of 5 or 6 feet .
8 I thought for a while that the information would just go on accumulating from here on in , but thank God it 's already begun dropping off .
9 Geoff Butterwick , public transport manager for Suffolk County Council , said : ‘ We 've only had it for a few weeks but it 's already proving useful and I 'm sure it will make life a lot easier .
10 The scheme 's still in its early stages , but it 's already proving popular .
11 No easy task , but it 's already proving a great success , as Richard Barnett reports :
12 It 's already covered the lawn .
13 But it 's already created quite a bit of controversy .
14 It 's called The Frying pan … and it 's already caused one surprised motorist to crash his car into a sign .
15 It 's already secured two million pounds worth of business , and hopes to create fifteen new jobs .
16 driver it 's already using .
17 It 's already heard that he and Greg Price had been friends .
18 It 's already causing howls of outrage from the industry .
19 But it seems it 's already fallen into other hands . ’
20 I think that John has suggested that much of what the critics are now getting up to , where it 's new it 's false , and where it is true , it 's already subsumed in Darwin 's theory as modified by John Maynard-Smith .
21 It 's already getting a bit stiff .
22 no , I hope it 's already eaten
23 Look , cos that 's why it 's already broken so if you push it it 'll go .
24 a Tobby and they do this body camping , they have to do it early in the morning or late at night when it 's cool and it produces this liquid which verbella it 's already fermenting and at this
25 It says it 's already built a prototype .
26 It 's already ruined at the moment .
27 ‘ As you can see it 's already made
28 It 's already beginning to happen as retro-bolting increases ( see our Compass columns for an excellent example ) .
29 To my mind , it 's already done .
30 It 's already done .
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