Example sentences of "it 's [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 ‘ No , I think it 's flattering that somebody would take the time .
2 Either it 's argued that British life does n't show up well in front of a film camera , or that British filmmakers are n't capable of using that camera to probe behind the surface of things .
3 It 's argued that psychoanalysts are motivated by the need to influence and control .
4 It 's argued that metering offers consumers an incentive to save water , allowing you to limit your bill by using less .
5 It 's accepted that the towing tractor will stand idle for some of the time , but at least you are n't taking tankers into the field , ’ he adds .
6 It 's accepted that doctors do n't look after their own families .
7 And if it 's discovered that I spent most of my childhood in care , then reporters could make enquiries and turn it into a big thing . ’
8 Even today , when the tottering of a Goldcrest or TESE is taken as a sign that the film industry is going under , it 's assumed that big companies are the key to surviving in the film business , because that 's the way they do things in LA .
9 The words of the Fourth Commandment are uncompromising and it 's assumed that so also are those who believe in keeping the Sabbath .
10 It 's puzzling that the British public seems to share this feeling of worship for Russian dancers , yet does n't extend anything like the same respect to its own .
11 With such a carefully organised operation it 's puzzling that Langan 's should be so unwelcoming .
12 It 's proven that being surrounded by like-minded people is itself inspirational .
13 It 's understood that he has now been twice to complain to the Prime Minister that ministers are trying to make his staff do things he finds improper .
14 It 's understood that officers in an unmarked car followed
15 It 's understood that allegations of indecency were made by a 17 year old trainee monk in Brixton .
16 Retired university lecturer Ray Morgan was not at home when we called to see him , but it 's understood that he decided to quit after several meetings with the Gloucestershire Magistrates Association .
17 It 's believed that stress can actually depress the immune system , leaving us pretty to every cold and bout of flu , and also to more serious complaints .
18 It 's believed that the life force , energy and soul of a plant is to be found within its essential oils .
19 It 's believed that pollution can form substances in our body known as free radicals which speed up ageing .
20 It 's believed that up to fifty Britons could be involved in the siege involving a heavily armed religious group in Texas .
21 It 's believed that over the past year tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment has been charged to the council and then sold privately by some of its staff .
22 It 's arranged that you would eat out or in small parties at the hotel , as I thought maybe you 'd want to get away from each other by then … .
23 Of course , it 's recognised that some of those allocated these vouchers will sell them straight away to others having money .
24 When it 's raining that I find depressing !
25 It 's hoped that wind power will eventually provide up to 20 per cent of the country 's energy needs .
26 It 's hoped that the album will be completed by the end of this month and will be out early next year . ’
27 It 's hoped that planning permission for the new West Stand will soon be granted with a view to completion by 2000 taking the stadium to 75,000 capacity .
28 It 's hoped that around £10,000 will be raised for two local charities which help the homeless ; the Lincoln YMCA and The Nomad Trust .
29 It 's hoped that the event will have raised around £1000 for the Ballycotton lifeboat .
30 It 's hoped that by the end of July a Waveney class lifeboat from the reserve fleet will be based at Torness provisionally for one year to assess its viability as a mooring and operational base for Dunbar 's all-weather lifeboat .
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