Example sentences of "it at [art] same " in BNC.

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1 Other examples in the Renaissance include the malcontent who haunts the very power structure which has alienated him , seeking reinscription within it but at the same time demystifying it , operating within and subverting it at the same time ; the revengers whose actions constitute an even more violent bid for reinscription within the very society which has alienated and dispossessed them ; the assertive women , the ‘ women on top ’ described by Natalie Zemon Davis who simultaneously appropriate , exploit , and undermine masculine discourse .
2 Tokenism , as this ‘ women 's season ’ showed , can be useful in that as well as making a gesture towards ‘ minority ’ interest it at the same time betokened the absence of women 's film on television which it sought to undo .
3 If you want one , we can do it at the same time as the valuation , at a reduced fee , but we must be told at the outset .
4 Using a small amount of bleach to clean lavatories probably wo n't do any harm , but avoid using it at the same time as other materials ; dangerous chlorine could be released .
5 To and fro , weaving , sometimes tied back to the point , moving from point to point , guided by Jennifer , each woman deeply involved with the dual effort of formulating an opinion and arguing for it at the same time .
6 The Precision in a way is too middly , but the thing about the Jazz is that you can get more top and bottom from it at the same time , and that 's the sound I like .
7 Now you can tap out the rhythm of ‘ Auld Lang Syne ’ ; sing it at the same time if you like .
8 Zach told her his age , which was nine , and spelt out his name , apologizing for it at the same time .
9 ‘ You 're sending it and keeping it at the same time ? ’
10 I needed to come up with a solution which avoided this overly defined focal point and used it at the same time .
11 Signed Danish is not Danish , when you can not hear/distinguish the words — but another type of sign language , which has the primary advantage that hearing people can use it at the same time as they use spoken language , and the secondary advantage is that some — and only some — rules applying to the spoken language are conveyed to the deaf child .
12 Next Computer Inc is going try to stage a NeXTWorld Expo without leaning on Uniforum by holding it at the same time like it did last year .
13 ‘ Well , you know , like he says he was coming up to you — this is the way I look at it — coming up to ask you to lend , say , a lawnmower , right — this is when he 's no drunk , ordinary sober , you know — and he 'll be walking up to you and thinking about it at the same time .
14 It seems unlikely that William Joyce would not have known it at the same time .
15 ‘ But Oliver , ’ I said , trying to make some sense of the story , and also trying to make a bit of a joke of it at the same time , ‘ Is n't it traditional to give flowers to a girl when you arrive rather than after you 've left ? ’
16 It has a horizontal division across its pupil which effectively gives it four eyes — the two lower halves for seeing underwater , the two upper for doing so in air — and the fish can swim along the surface looking for food above and below it at the same time .
17 ‘ Here , ’ she says thickly , handing me a joint while she rolls the ice cube round in her mouth and tries to breathe through it at the same time .
18 A series which is broadcast each week has a number of features designed into it to help viewers recognise " their " programme and encourage them to watch it at the same time every week .
19 They were almost shouting at one another , and both seemed to realise it at the same time .
20 using it at the same rate but it 's going for a longer time .
21 I needed more of the thinner timber , but I ca n't fetch , chop and feed it at the same time . ’
22 ‘ I started a similar scheme in Wellington , but then I did it at the same hour on the same day every week .
23 Here you are trying to have your cake and eat it at the same time …
24 A qualified instructor will demonstrate how to use equipment properly , how to get the best from your body and enjoy it at the same time .
25 I do n't see how that you can possible reduce the number of deaths within the county , or even maintain it at the same level .
26 Ludo and I hear it at the same moment .
27 That was going to be in May so we needed it to ship in April so I said , well you 've got to you 've got to still finish it at the same time .
28 I wanted us both to read it at the same time . ’
29 I do n't think you can both stir it at the same time .
30 But I ca n't afford to get it at the same time anyway cos he he wo n't be down
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