Example sentences of "it [is] not [verb] " in BNC.

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1 So the , the May the fourth directive is not working because it 's not guaranteeing that the poor get enough to bring them up to the middle peasant status which is , is the aim .
2 It 's not poisoned , Fiver , I can tell you that .
3 You see it 's not ascribed .
4 It 's not yourn it mine .
5 It 's not facing things , that 's the cause of it all .
6 Not like it is now ; it 's not rained for twenty years . ’
7 And with the theatre running into difficulties about subsidy it 's not getting any more hopeful .
8 Sometimes I will have abandoned a painting , got really tired of it and feel it 's not getting anywhere , and you will come and make some remark that makes me look at it again and think : oh yes , I could just pull that one together .
9 Since it 's not getting past the ROM stage when I boot up , is this a fault in the ROM , or could I have contracted a virus ?
10 she 'll not have much of an appetite , because that bit 's not working properly , and it 's not getting a chance to go through her
11 It 's not getting brittle ?
12 Oh it 's just it 's not getting any better .
13 ‘ At 35 it 's not getting any easier , but I did n't play much last year and that might help me .
14 Yeah just something about it , it 's not getting done
15 Okay , it 's zero acceleration , it 's not getting any faster .
16 necessarily calling for radicalization cos it was forced erm I , I , it appeared to me that how that the Communist Party would have continued a moderate policy had the peasants not erm been demanding further radical change and in actual fact the tone of the document 's quite moderate and it 's protecting middle peasants , rich peasants , even some landlords who had remained loyal to the Party so it 's not at all radical but erm it 's just it 's radical in the sense that how that it wants to get rid of feudalism , but it 's not getting rid of landlords per se as a class .
17 Therefore if you issue a licence like this the local authorities can check up , market people can god own and make sure it 's not getting out of hand and the local police know the sort of traffic to expect and therefore can control .
18 It 's just recently I read about this it 's not getting air into it or something is the reason it ex it can suddenly shoot up all over you .
19 so , so it 's not gon na be there , and unfortunately it 's going to take a while , because we 're in such a deep recession and recession is bad , and it 's not getting any better
20 By this time next month we 're just about at the solstice we 're find that it 's not getting light until about seven o'clock in the morning and it 's getting dark again by about half past three .
21 Pear Tree , well , serious congestion there as well , it 's not getting away with it this evening .
22 I know that the message is getting through to gay men , but I 'm not surprised to hear that it 's not getting through to heterosexuals .
23 But it 's not taking away the erm , power of the planning committee on any other matter whatsoever .
24 And it 's not taking you as much time either .
25 They can only hopes it 's not repeated in the Commons .
26 On page one seven five you 've got how to check the circulation , after you 've put the bandage on to make sure it 's not too tight , it 's not stopping all the blood supply , press a fingernail if there 's only a finger nail and the , it should go white of course if you press it , then the blood should go back and it goes back pink again or an area of er skin , always check your circulation after you 've put your bandage on .
27 But it 's not stopping you see !
28 Trevor thinks it 's not stopping you going to church he said .
29 It 's not surprising the poor man screamed and ran as he did .
30 He was a keeper and dealer in secrets ; it 's not surprising the truth about him has emerged only slowly .
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