Example sentences of "it [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 It duly noted that extra money would not necessarily buy better health .
2 It duly emerged that the Iraqi incursion amounted to a four-pronged attack , partly in the south near Basrah and partly farther north along the frontier , to the east of Baghdad , in what later evolved into the ‘ central front ’ .
3 This time , things proceeded in a more civilised manner and the arrangements concluded at the imperial conferences were enshrined in the Statute of Westminster 1931 , s.4 of which provided , amongst many other things , that for the future , no Act of the imperial Parliament should extend to any of the six Dominions listed above unless it expressly stated that the Dominions in question had requested and consented to the
4 The NZRFU rather prides itself on its official-player liaison , of treating its players handsomely , and it rather hopes that they in turn would treat the NZRFU with courtesy , if not affection .
5 One thing is certain , that the last Lord Derwentwater , not long before his death , was frequently at Keswick , but according to Green it is not equally certain , that he then ( as is affirmed by some ) inhabited the house upon the island ; on the contrary , it rather seems that his being at Keswick , was only on visits from his family place at Dilston .
6 ‘ I do n't know if you 've heard , but it rather seems that the police suspect one of the lecturers at the college of killing her , ’ said Melissa .
7 Or ought it rather to suggest that the texts do not record the words of the classical jurists very precisely ?
8 It politely requested that , for security reasons , I bring my ship down to Underlight speed at specific co-ordinates , at a specific time , and prepare for rendezvous with the Emissary 's ship .
9 It effectively says that these computers understand English .
10 In Wyatt v Kreglinger and Fernau [ 1933 ] 1 KB 793 the restraint was contained in a letter dealing with the plaintiff 's retirement rather than in his contract of employment and it effectively said that the defendants would pay him a pension if he refrained from working in the wool trade .
11 It effectively ensures that the environmental case against opencasting must be an overwhelmingly strong one :
12 It is clever because it effectively means that the broadcasters will have to censor themselves .
13 In the latter case , by including local government expenditure within the public expenditure totals , it effectively means that Cabinet makes decisions without reference to local authorities .
14 It eventually got that they were typed and put into cellophane covers which made it a lot easier .
15 Even if it eventually transpires that the Lorenz equations do not satisfy the conditions necessary to justify the rigorous analysis ( but see { 33 } ) , it is none the less true that a great many ( infinitely many ) homoclinic orbits do occur in the system though perhaps not distributed densely through all r-intervals .
16 But the narrow idea of bindingness does not in itself take us to a real ‘ ought ’ , to a genuine obligation ; it only says that if you are going to play the game of law this involves taking the rules and decisions as mandatory or non-optional .
17 Auguste failed to see the hidden tensions and passions behind these simple manoeuvres ; to him it only signified that the banquet had acquired a reality .
18 A drop of soap trickled into his eyes and he rubbed it only to find that he had created more pain .
19 Not only is it little consolation , he wrote , it is actually a further cause for despair , for it only shows that everything is far too late , that the glass was a dream of lateness and the work on the glass was a fantasy of lateness and the belief in the glass was the madness of one who has lost all sense of the meaning of lateness .
20 It only shows that the brain is implicated in the process by which the inner mind structure in the subtle energy fields seeks outward expression .
21 All this may be done for the best of reasons but it only ensures that children bottle up their feelings as well as their tears , which , as we have seen in previous chapters , can have far-reaching effects .
22 It only demonstrates that 77 per cent of a group ( those who abuse ) are male .
23 It only means that certain sets of economic processes are more referrent to a local area than others .
24 If one can not — and that is happening in some cases — it only means that … ’
25 Sleight apologised for this state of affairs at the Congress in Dublin in 1895 : " It must be remembered that it is exceedingly difficult for the executive committee to meet together often , for every time they do so they have to bear their own travelling expenses , and sometimes hotel expenses ; and to whatever centre they are summoned , it only means that some members of the committee have to travel a considerable distance .
26 It so happens that this troublesome question , or complex of questions , is not raised by the piece in Eliot 's selection that I shall take to represent Pound 's criticism at its irreplaceable best .
27 It so happens that this rate is exactly the output of the building industry , averaged over the previous three years .
28 It so happens that the Roman collections , which cover a geographical area from Britain to the Middle East and North Africa , fall within the interests of several departments of antiquities .
29 ‘ Look , it so happens that a number of people have dropped out of the scheme for one reason or another , and there 's now a place for you at the end of the team .
30 It so happens that the names Upehull , Upsall and Upshall occur in the records of one very small village — the first in a lay subsidy roll of 1327 , the second in a manorial court roll of November 1550 , and the third in a number of documents down to the latest twentieth-century electoral rolls .
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