Example sentences of "it [be] [noun] you " in BNC.

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1 I hate these as it were things you know ?
2 and people used to go and see it and go and enjoy them and if you want to erm , if you went into Wales and on that way there was , who was it , it 's Albert you know
3 Once you 've put the lid on you get smoke coming out all around the edges , well , actually , it 's steam you know .
4 ‘ OK , so it 's honesty you want .
5 If it 's crowds you want , you can even get to Venice in three hours .
6 If I do a file combine and then copy and then just part of the file , so it 's name you 'll specify the range .
7 I it may not be the case , but I think it 's possibility you 've got to consider , is n't it ?
8 You 're forgetting that it 's Hilary you would have to turn to if you want me taken out .
9 ‘ That wo n't do you any good if it 's escape you 're looking for . ’
10 If it 's attitude you 're after , there 's gobfuls of it .
11 It 's money you want , and you 'll make when —
12 If it 's money you want , I do n't have much with me , but what I got you 're welcome to .
13 It 's money you would n't get cos it 's in the sort of holidays .
14 Like considering like it 's money you never had like you 're going to lift it all and just blow it , I know you .
15 I would leave it there like it 's money you never had , I would leave it there until you get your test .
16 It 's money you that you had n't
17 I 'll get it , if it 's Joan you 're not coming for
18 So it 's the , the most widely used supply response model in the entire universe , alright , and as a result of it 's popularity you have to learn it as well .
19 Yes but it 's noises you do n't notice , if they 're continuous then they become
20 It 's Waveney you see we belong to Waveney
21 It 's bread you want , right ? ’
22 But it 's cattle you should think of in this country , perfect dairy pasture , rich it is .
23 It 's Sam you fool !
24 We used to , we , that 's all the as the village life was , it was it was all very now I know it 's very interesting , my daughter wants me to write a book about it , she says , I said I 'll oh I do n't know mm , write a memoirs mum she said er , you know and I said you know a lot about New Invention , which I do but it 's Willenhall you 're interested in , but it all sort or entails the lot and erm there might be things I 've can I wish I 'd have told you if I can think about them after it 's finished , but it 's erm .
25 It 's not , no it 's hair you know
26 If it 's hits you want , you got ‘ em , loads of them , every one of them perfectly performed from ‘ Song For Whoever ’ , ‘ You Keep It All In ’ to ‘ A Little Time ’ .
27 So if it 's drama you 're seeking , let's ask the Adjutant if he 's yet appointed an Entertainments Officer . ’
28 It 's Jeff you write
29 Well it 's Mr you see , he goes out at twelve o'clock on a Sunday and does n't get in till quarter to four .
30 Now this is where you go to the branch , and the branch management team stand up and bring you up to date with everything that 's happening in the company with product changes , legislation changes , yes , some of it 's boring , but it 's information you 've got to have .
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