Example sentences of "it [be] [noun] for " in BNC.

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1 He reflected the view of my constituents when he said that crime and how to reduce it are matters for the Government .
2 And will it be curtains for Coombs in Swindon ?
3 Could it be wedding-bells for you soon ? ’
4 Would it be grounds for denying access ?
5 At first it were good because it were incentive for her to keep going because she 'd , you know , paid so much but toward the end , she said , it were getting ridiculous .
6 Er does anyone have any comments on this , with it being money for Ents in general ?
7 and my Lord er in relation to this judgment er you 've got the courts setting out the principal at page er one stroke five , forty , paragraph fourteen of the judgment that 's the principal of suspension and it 's then got it 's conditions for suspension on the next page , paragraph twenty two
8 I am also talking from a perspective of the British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering and it 's concern for children generally .
9 I thought it was Ben yesterday afternoon I dropped Lynsey 's thing in with Ben down there and it 's Jack , I like John , I like to speak to John , so I said John I think it 's Tommy for you , but then
10 I 'm going to tell you a little bit this morning about South East Arts and it 's support for the visual arts in the South East here .
11 Oh it 's lunchtime for most people is n't it ?
12 It 's income for life . ’
13 ‘ I have a horrible feeling that UM is about to reorganise world-wide planning operations and , if that happens , it 's curtains for the European organisation and for me . ’
14 And it 's curtains for you and me .
15 Not only do you have to keep an eye out for hidden switches to help you get across treacherous terrain but , hardest of all , you have a time limit to complete the game — exactly 60 minutes — or it 's curtains for the Prince .
16 If those Labour voters work out that ‘ culture of co-operation ’ means they ought to vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats — and they do seem to have worked it out at Newbury last week — it 's curtains for yours truly . ’
17 But if it 's rubbish it 's storage for Dick it 's taking up .
18 And yes , we can teach them about partnership , Councillor and I think it 's hypocrisy for the Tories to talk about links with the private sector .
19 It 's money for nothing and danger-free as long as you keep shut . ’
20 It 's money for old rope .
21 It 's money for preparation for the next phase of building work which is to restore the Grand Stair and the rainwater system which has failed .
22 Yeah , because it 's money for you to spend
23 Scotland 's last remaining independent whisky firm , Invergordon , has lost it 's battle for survival .
24 Punctuality is not just a drama school fetish , it 's preparation for a profession where time really does cost money .
25 It 's promotion for Rovers ! page 54
26 We will return to Royston for a while but then it 's Scotland for me and France for you .
27 It 's not like a s tap or anything , it 's overflow for the domestic supply .
28 It 's Bacton for you , sir .
29 It 's Davey for you . ’
30 so it 's N for intuitive .
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