Example sentences of "to [be] [adj] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 None of my friends have children and all the mother-and-toddler groups I have been to are full of older mums .
2 Those who pursue comparisons of the kind I am referring to are likely to be impressed by the staying-power of a literary preoccupation to which a variety of temperaments and compulsions has been attracted , and could well be inclined to believe that Pechorin 's duel and indifference may have been among the precedents that weighed , a century later , with a woman bent on contriving her appointment with destiny .
3 He wore a bow tie , a corduroy jacket , and suede shoes and appeared to Millet to be well-distanced from any workshop floor .
4 The fact is that any so called sport which involves the exhaustion , distress and eventual death of an animal has got to be obscene in the eyes of any human being .
5 But that is a very different matter from the exegetically unjustified expedient adopted by some modern students of mission , of divorcing the Spirit from Jesus , evading the scandal of his particularity , and attributing to the Spirit 's agency whatever seems to them to be admirable in the beliefs and practice of other faiths .
6 Once peace returned , the government made genuine efforts to be respectful and protective of national cultures , languages and traditions , to be conciliatory towards peasant and middle-class interests , and to create regimes composed of members of the nationality concerned .
7 Where the degree course and the HNC/HND course have not been designed to be integral with each other , students seeking entry to the degree course on the basis of the HNC/HND will normally need to take two further academic years of full-time study for a Degree and three further academic years of full-time study for an Honours Degree ( or the part-time equivalents ) .
8 I think I can assure you , we 've got a , an international European officer , who has the main responsibility for opening the doors for us in a lobbying way within Europe , and in addition to that , and the maintenance of the networks , we are spreading international and European responsibilities around the organisation , so it 's seen again to be integral to our work , rather than compartmentalised , and I 'm confident that the organisation as a whole , will therefore be doing more .
9 Erm , we need to be convincing in challenge , otherwise the challenge , erm , we should question whether there is a need for any change , erm , if things have been done in a certain way for a certain period of time , erm , just because we want to change them , does n't mean to say that it does n't
10 For AMS , the upper age limit is determined by other factors such as machine stability and the degree of modern contamination introduced in the processing of very small samples ; the values tend to be similar to those for conventional radiocarbon laboratories .
11 Rural clients ' problems can therefore be seen to be similar to their city counterparts , but the rural advisers ' problems are different .
12 The prevalence rate of hypercholesterolaemia in diabetics has been reported to be similar to the non-diabetic population , that is from 8 per cent to as high as 52 per cent ( Hayes , 1972 ) .
13 If the general approach is fairly robust , it ought to be that the relationship between population and land cover is fairly stable , so that we would expect the model coefficients to be similar to those obtained from the ward data .
14 The teeth also were found to be similar to the condition described after 29 months weathering : for a sample of 31 teeth , 25.8 per cent were split ( Fig. 1.6A , B ) and 9.7 per cent were chipped ( Fig. 1.6E ) ; 34.8 per cent of the incisors were broken .
15 In fact , our ‘ middle-class ’ witches appear to be similar to the Canaanites ( see p. 56 ) , whom God roundly condemned .
16 These oolites are likely to be similar to those present in Rustenburg-l , where a thin unit of cross-bedded oolitic grainstones about 2 m in thickness , is present at the base of the platform sequence ( Fig. 28 ) .
17 Portuguese , although appearing to be similar to Spanish on paper , is pronounced completely differently , and so despite the fact that we could communicate in French and Spanish , we could not make ourselves understood in Portuguese other than to ask , ‘ Fala ingles ? — do you speak English ? ’
18 For one of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century was the fact that some molecules in space actually appeared to be similar to those that make up amino acids .
19 Since the accommodation would be occupied all year round , the standard would have to be similar to that required for permanent occupation .
20 This separating layer is undoubtedly mainly a protein and was originally thought to be similar to keratin which is the protein in hair .
21 If pornography were to be restricted legally the mechanisms would likely to be similar to those which already affect rape reporting , so their use is relevant to both issues .
22 The organisational culture of the civil service may differ from organisational cultures in the private sector but is likely to be similar to other office based white collar organisations in the public sector .
23 I think at that age one is very concerned to be seen to be similar to one 's peers and hence not to be singled out for differential treatment .
24 Much later , in 1892 , a sealed bottle of this isoprene was found to contain yellowish lumps which appeared to be similar to natural rubber .
25 Does it apply to a public utility which may or may not appear to be similar to a local government ?
26 Wales YFC is an affiliated member of CPRW and the definition of such is ‘ a corporate member whose objects appear to the Council to be similar to those of CPRW ’ .
27 O. notata appears to be similar to O. parcita , O. lineata , and O. metallacta , see Table 1 .
28 A burst of frequency between 10 and 10 4 Hz is expected with a duration of several cycles and an energy release of between and in gravitational waves from a star core of mass M. The mass M is expected to be similar to that of the pulsars , which average around for the few cases where measurements have been made .
29 The design and layout is to be similar to last year 's calendar .
30 The bags of fertiliser are thought to be similar to those found at Fallswater Street in west Belfast last week .
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