Example sentences of "to [noun] over the " in BNC.

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1 Having fallen back from about 360p to 320p over the last few days , Fisons ' top management was busy round at Hoare Govett yesterday , trying to reassure nervous institutions investors .
2 Last summer , he and fellow Teesside Polytechnic student Paul Kuiken , 19 , were prevented by police from becoming the first to canoe over the 72-ft High Force waterfall in Teesdale because of fears they would be killed .
3 He died before he went to trial over the matter .
4 The Hungarian government has issued a protest to Czechoslovakia over the continued construction work on the Gabcikovo Dam on the Danube — a focus of growing tension between the two countries [ see ED 57 ; passim ] .
5 The recent flood of cheery indicators is so good that it almost certainly condemns the beaming government to setbacks over the coming months , and to talk of a double-dip recession .
6 Even with a £30,000 loan , a customer could have saved up to £2,600 over the last five years .
7 Evidence of excessive demand There is some observable good sense in this argument , and it helps to explain why sterling has not hit the fan a lot earlier , during a truly spectacular swing from surplus to deficit over the past two years .
8 Britain protested to Romania over the violent crackdown on dissent and urged Romanian state employees to overthrow the Communist government for their own safety .
9 Both sides refused to elaborate on the reasons for Bowman 's departure , but press reports attributed it to disagreements over the pace at which the authority sought to bring water standards up to European Community standards .
10 Some of the other changes were intended to take account of a number of anomalies that our experience had brought to light over the years since 1969 .
11 Superintendent if any other information had come to light over the next few hours would you have reconsidered the matter ?
12 The coupling capacitors are chosen to be of sufficiently large capacitance to present negligible reactance to signals over the operating bandwidth ( frequency range ) of the amplifier .
13 I presume you have access to the various briefing papers we have circulated to branches over the last 18 months or so .
14 All right , let us talk about yesterday if the hon. Gentleman wants — let us talk about giving more than £1 billion to industry over the next two years to ensure that there is no increase in business rates .
15 President Bush has made a major concession to industry over the implementation of the new Clean Air Act , overturning a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) .
16 now , I mean you 've been very to Neil over the last year or so and I mean now it 's time to get his act together .
17 But to attract the funds needed to capitalize , NoS would have to persuade a merchant bank to sponsor it , which would inevitably lead to confrontation over the Right-On organizational principles on which the project was based .
18 It expects the 78% share of desktops currently running by MS-DOS to fall to 29% by 1997 , the Apple Macintosh to retain a 10% share over the period , Windows to rise from last year 's 7% to 28% , Unix to grow from 4% to 10% , OS/2 to rise from 1% to 8% and Windows NT to grow from nowhere to 14% over the five years .
19 ‘ But recent events have led to anxieties over the quality of some of these drugs . ’
20 I.M. Pei , designer of the pyramid , also to roof over the courtyards with glass for works from the Tuilerie
21 In addition to doubts over the ability of the system to survive , there is a noticeable loss of confidence in the basic institutions of the system itself : corporations , trade unions and governments .
22 For example , what precipitated the movement of labour-intensive manufacturing from North to South over the past three decades , and how exactly has this affected the employment and wages of skilled and unskilled workers ?
23 O-levels began ten days after the half-term weighing session , and if anyone noticed the drop in my weight , I suppose they attributed it to anxiety over the forthcoming examinations .
24 Inland changes to sites over the last 1000 years do not seem to have been so drastic .
25 The list of foreign players attracted to Whaddon over the years has been endless .
26 Although initially encouraging , the approach proved to be fruitless and both bodies made independent arrangements within separately developed policies which were to lead to disagreement over the Cambridge Board 's RAC scheme for liberal adult education throughout the region , and which is considered in the next section of this chapter .
27 Critical self-reflection does not have to be confined to self-questioning over the grounds of one 's beliefs and actions .
28 The Authority allocated £13.75 million pounds to PNP over the four years 1985–9 .
29 On the first day of the summit González signed with President Fernando Collor de Mello of Brazil an agreement according to which Spain would made loans and investments of US$3,000 million to Brazil over the next five years , including credits to finance Spanish exports to Brazil .
30 The Cabinet is split from top to bottom over the Prime Minister 's policy of using Common Market grants for tax cuts instead of for the provision of help to deprived areas .
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