Example sentences of "a long way to " in BNC.

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1 While the press , led by The Hindu , has gone a long way to proving that Bofors handed out millions of dollars to Indian middlemen , the identity of the ultimate recipients of the money remains a mystery .
2 The figures for applications heard by a single Lord Justice and two and three Lords Justices went a long way to explaining why , despite the facts that the rate at which appeals were begun had shown little change over the years , there had been some small increase in judge-power and that major improvements had been made in the court 's procedures , the number of appeals outstanding at the end of each year and the lead times for hearing appeals showed no real improvement .
3 In Fox 's case , practice obviously goes a long way to making perfect .
4 The actual construction of a carpet goes a long way to determining how long it will keep its original appearance .
5 It 's a long way to Tipperary , Mandalay and Bedford Square .
6 In terms of the Midlands ' representation in the Premier League the game was wasted as Notts County 's victory is unlikely to save them while the three points would have gone a long way to ensuring Coventry 's place .
7 Cuba has gone a long way to reducing gender inequalities , though power relations still clearly favour men , a fact of which all Cubans , including their leaders , are very aware .
8 Organising a fair distribution of tickets by perhaps initially limiting the number allocated to each family or , alternatively , putting on an extra performance will go a long way to solving the problem .
9 He is still extremely grateful to the SMH , though his results on behalf of the paper since have gone a long way to repaying any debt of gratitude .
10 The political and economic origins of this approach to soil conservation go a long way to explaining it .
11 Now , diver deployment systems are accepted as normal offshore practise , and go a long way to making commercial diving safer .
12 The hit song of the year was ‘ It 's A Long Way to Tipperaray ’ but old Ireland was singing an older song and building up a hidden army .
13 While you 're in hospital , a guaranteed additional daily income will go a long way to ensuring that you do n't come out of hospital with financial worries .
14 They are most grateful for a pump within yards of their homes , instead of having to walk a long way to a dirty water-hole .
15 The incident goes a long way to explaining Chapman 's later enthusiasm for floodlit football .
16 People do n't usually hit out unless they are upset or angry , so showing you understand their feelings goes a long way to preventing them from expressing that anger towards you .
17 In this way , the learner will gain confidence , and this goes a long way to promoting safe practice if at a later time adequate guidance and support are lacking .
18 If objectives from the higher categories of Bloom 's taxonomy are included , where students are asked to make judgements , to criticise and evaluate ; and if students are given a range of objectives from which they may make their own choices and even , at the later stages of training , are encouraged to write their own , then this will go a long way to meeting this criticism .
19 Huntington 's argument goes a long way to making clear the disappointment a reader experiences if he approaches the Wellsian SF novels in chronological order .
20 Three books on Clive Sinclair 's £125 colour computer , the ZX Spectrum , go a long way to dispelling both impressions .
21 After all , that is the first thing about us that others see and a well-groomed , well-dressed image reflected back at us from the mirror goes a long way to bolstering our private and public confidence .
22 In the meantime this recording should go a long way to helping his cause .
23 At last there was room for a central bureau of information , which went a long way to reducing the confusion caused by overlapping responsibilities .
24 You may not end up with an athlete 's heart through aerobic walking , but you will have gone a long way to improving its strength and efficiency , thus ensuring a longer and healthier life .
25 The ‘ Pater Nostra ’ organisation , which will care for physically and mentally handicapped people in Atea , expect to find that by owning their own tractor they will not only go a long way to becoming self-sufficient but will be able to hire out the tractor locally to enhance their income .
26 This is a real advantage when using the A2 live and also goes a long way to keeping the engineer happy in the studio , without taking precious minutes to reprogram .
27 THE picture above shows the ideal set-up for the modern work station , and the new EC regulations go a long way to achieving this .
28 Health Secretary Virginia Bottomley is a regular , and the restaurant also goes a long way to explaining Home Secretary Kenneth Clarke 's well-rounded appearance .
29 Even broken sets can fetch large sums , and a complete bound run is likely to cost the buyer anything up to £4,000 , which would have gone a long way to paying Ackermann 's army of workmen .
30 It was a long way to Cornwall .
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