Example sentences of "a long [noun sg] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Guido treated her to a long look between narrowed dark eyes .
2 Cindy gave him a long look through her sunglasses .
3 In the UK , the Government took a long look at the spectrum before launching a fifth and sixth TV channel .
4 Sam took a long look at her face .
5 They were pulled into the stewards room after the race as officials took a long look at an incident early in the straight.A ban would have ruled the pair out of the Cambridgeshire and the Arc , but no action was taken .
6 He took a long look at the approaching man , who was obviously not keen on leaving the shelter of the trees .
7 I have taken a long look at local government finance .
8 Watching it takes you into the mind of Ramanujan as surely as a long look into his eyes .
9 Mr Gillis took a long look from one tip of the arc of boys round to the other .
10 Those who know better will not rest contented with such a meagre peep of a lake so singularly grand , but will round the hill rather more than another mile to the west , and when the dark lake is full in view , sit down to drink a long look from that favourable point of view .
11 He frowned at me with a long look in which I read nothing .
12 The woodland , marching up the hill , vanished before it but reached an arm around to the west , fringing the road , and then ran behind it to the north , forming a long backdrop to the palm house and the terraces .
13 If I 'm very lucky , she thought , I might just avoid being turned into a long smear of guts and blood .
14 The first to be noted must surely be that relating to collegiality — a long text including most of Lumen Gentium 22 .
15 He uses a special tool called a cheese iron to pull a long plug of cheese out of one truckle from each day 's production .
16 They found Bertha in a slightly drowsy state that signified drugs were keeping severe pain at bay , while a long bulge beneath the bedclothes indicated that her leg was in a plaster cast .
17 It would offer 26 places each morning and afternoon , saving some families a long trek to Corporation Road and even further afield .
18 It had been a dry summer but the pool was full and the young people , many of them travel-stained after a long trek from Portofino , were lying in steaming baths , their toes poised to activate the gilded taps .
19 There , he opened the case , took a trowel from it , and began to dig up bulb after bulb from a long flower-bed on the other side of a path near the fence .
20 In the hall she wraps a long scarf round her neck and puts on a cream-coloured quilted cotton jacket , with wide shoulders and inset sleeves , and lets herself out by the front door .
21 As the Soviets became involved in a long struggle with Afghan guerrillas , similar in some respects to America 's involvement in Vietnam , Carter began to take punitive measures against Moscow but without fully consulting his NATO allies .
22 Okay , Jesus is the Son of God , poor old Joseph is just a kind of surrogate father erm , you know like a test-tube baby father actually test tube er is er is like you know er a complete surrogate father er for God erm they 're threatened by Herod so they have to flee to Egypt and er then they come back and eventually Jesus realizes who he is and after a long struggle with good and evil , temptation at the desert , crucifixion and God knows what , erm off he goes back to you know , sitting up there on the right hand of God saying you know I 'm the Son of God which he is , so Oedipus , Oedipus is expelled by his parents , there 's a prophecy he will murder his father and marry his mother , so they get rid of him , but he does n't die , he gets found by a shepherd , brought up by a shepherd .
23 France 's Maghreb policy was criticized on Nov. 16 by the Polisario Front , which had waged a long struggle for independence in Western Sahara .
24 Always self-deprecating and modest , he fought bravely a long struggle against cancer , remaining cheerful and full of amusing unrepeatable anecdotes .
25 He was re-elected to parliament in 1978 , and then survived a long struggle against cancer .
26 The winning of " possession " in 1985 after a long struggle in the courts will prove to have been a shallow victory if the protection attaches [ sic ] to this status is to be further undermined , leaving absolute control once again in the hands of the " greater possessors " , the owners .
27 A long struggle by writers to establish first domestic and then international copyright resulted not only in a new concept of literary property but new , or at least amended , social relationships of writers .
28 Alba Adriatica has a long beach of fine , golden sand where holiday life is taken at a relaxed unhurried pace .
29 The document has reappeared after a long sleep in California , and is estimated at £150,000 .
30 A long scene at the blackboard with an awkward customer among his ranks worried the actor .
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