Example sentences of "scattered [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 A diagram of the art world , according to Wolfe , would be made up , in addition to the artists , of ‘ about 750 culturati in Rome , 500 in Milan , 1,750 in Paris , 1,250 in London , 2,000 in Berlin , Munich , and Düsseldorf , 3,000 in New York , and perhaps 1,000 scattered about the rest of the world .
2 Where interviewers are centrally grouped they can be called together for a briefing session , when any queries can be raised and dealt with on the spot , but where large organizations have interviewers scattered about the country this may be a counsel of perfection , although peripatetic fieldwork supervisors do invaluable work in this as well as other areas .
3 You could tell how a party was going by the number of items of Jo-Jo 's clothing scattered about the dance floor .
4 One had toppled over , and eight oranges had rolled and scattered about the small compartment .
5 Astrological charts , a couple of crystal balls on oddly clawed stands , litters of long-decayed scrolls , and similar items are scattered about the floor , on a couple of tables , and on stands .
6 Instead , there are a number of tables and work benches scattered about the room , which is decorated with wall hangings and tapestries showing Daemons at play .
7 In a short address by Solveig Skjelstad , the quests scattered about the hillside and heard how as a seven year old girl , she had helped remove the bodies from both crashes , to a barn on the farm , there the bodies were placed in coffins before being taken to Trondheim for burial .
8 Even so , pyramid-shaped stone bases for medium-sized double-axes survive in the Labyrinth , proving that double-axes were scattered about the building , like crucifixes in a church .
9 By the time of his death in 346 , there were several thousand monks scattered about the Egyptian desert , and the principles underlying the monastic system were being transmitted elsewhere .
10 The island has 24 roomy bungalows scattered about the beachfront , each with a wide verandah and excellent facilities .
11 Nowadays we are so scattered about the country that it is very unlikely that any of us would have a Stainey just around the corner who could be relied upon to put up a first class polish .
12 Why , again , are the planned towns scattered about the country in so haphazard a way , and so different in age and social type — Salisbury 's plan belongs to the thirteenth century ( Fig. 9 , p. 93 ) , Middlesbrough 's to the nineteenth .
13 There are ropes , buckets and other building materials scattered about the floor of the Wheel Room .
14 Dining chairs were scattered about the room ; there was a battered filing cabinet with a bulging , open drawer next to a massive sideboard with a marble top .
15 Following her , he gave a soft grunt of laughter at the sight of their clothes still scattered about the floor .
16 Next moment , he emerged into one of the many small clearings scattered about the forest .
17 A few small green leaves are scattered about the bottom of the cupboard …
18 The Easter egg , overcome by heat , too much food , and an excess of wine , had to go and stand outside the door for a little fresh air , but came back full of verve and ready to tackle some of Willi 's bonbons that were scattered about the room in dishes in case anyone felt the need of more to eat .
19 Only between twenty and thirty guests were left and they were scattered about the gardens like so much confetti .
20 Work in the field is scattered between a number of approaches and takes as its subject differing historical periods and geographical areas .
21 Each household was given a number of strips scattered between the desirable and less desirable fields .
22 Paper streamers like coiled fuses were scattered between the plates and wine bottles .
23 Besides a domestic textile industry scattered through every town and village , certain small towns had specialities that served wider markets ; steel knives at Guadix , horse rugs at Morella , textiles and pottery at Puente del Arzobispo , sickles at La Solana , in La Mancha .
24 Now they are scattered through every town and village , families founded on ice cream and fish and chips .
25 A few miles from Huntspill , in the hamlet of Shurton , lived Henry Poole , a fellow student of Coleridge 's at Jesus College , and one member of a large and talented family whose various branches were scattered through a number of local villages .
26 A year later , US geologists found on a moraine in the Thiel Mountains two portions of a rare type of stony-iron meteorite , called a pallasite , consisting of individual crystals of olivine , ( Mg , Fe ) 2SiO4 , scattered through a matrix of metal .
27 Scattered through the policy review are proposals to : Drastically alter the status and organisation of the Department of Trade and Industry ; Create two departments — a Department of Consumer Affairs , and a Department for Legal Administration ; Create a Department of Environmental Protection within the existing Department of the Environment ; Set up a plethora of new commissions and executive agencies ; Set up a Women 's Ministry .
28 He had been killed instantly along with two other Commandos who were close by at the time , their remains scattered through the trees .
29 Most Croatian Serbs do not live in Krajina but are scattered through the republic .
30 In his first pleasure at being admitted to this inner circle of learning he had compared it to Dante 's Paradiso , in which the saints and patriarchs and virgins sat in orderly ranks in a circular formation , a huge rose , and also the leaves of a huge volume , once scattered through the universe , now gathered .
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