Example sentences of "[pron] can assume that [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 We need to ask whether the effects of hypnosis upon human thought processes , on reasoning and memory , are really understood ; whether we can assume that a person under hypnosis truly remembers actual events .
2 In finding such probabilities , some account should be taken of deaths in the cohort during the year in question ; we can assume that a person dying lives , on average , six months of the year so that the population at risk of marriage at the start of the year should be reduced by half the deaths .
3 I have been told by many other breeders that they have experienced a similar thing in their own kennels and so we can assume that the pecking order is not always maintained through physical strength .
4 This is an approximate calculation so we can assume that the density and specific heat capacity of the reaction mixture are the same as that for water .
5 If we bear in mind that the institutions that did not reply may also have included some for whom the questionnaire was inappropriate , we can assume that the responses we obtained would represent somewhere approaching half those working in teacher education at the time .
6 Since the ‘ Keynesian ’ sees no reason to expect money incomes to be directly affected by the increase in the money supply , we can assume that the transactions and precautionary demands remain unchanged at first .
7 We can assume that the Norse invasions of the later ninth and tenth centuries had some influence on the more vulnerable coastal churches , but there was nothing like the disruption which drove many northern bishoprics southwards for over a century .
8 Initially the subject will attend to a new stimulus but will then gradually lose interest and start to look away ( habituation ) ; if the stimulus is then changed in some way and if this causes a re-awakening of interest ( dishabituation ) then we can assume that the baby has detected the change .
9 Unfortunately there are no German records in existence ( perhaps something may now turn up after the reunification ! ) but we can assume that the result of the raid fell short of causing significant damage to the German war machine .
10 We can assume that the processing resources available for language production are limited , and attempts to hold items for future as well as current constituents would result in an unnecessary drain on processing resources .
11 One can assume that the leaders of the Revolt were eliminated , removing the upper levels of tribal society , and also that the lands and possessions of the tribes would have been seized by the state to be retained as agerpublicus , sold off to speculators or given as rewards to loyalists .
12 One is that it is doubtful in the extreme whether one can assume that the legislature always intended the tribunal to be the arbiter as to what the contents of the bracket ought to be .
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