Example sentences of "[noun] was just around the corner " in BNC.

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1 Home Rule was just around the corner .
2 Daylight was just around the corner however , but by the time daylight did arrive , although she and her pride were very much certain that she 'd see Vendelin Gajdusek in hell before she ever spoke to him again , certain other practicalities had entered her head .
3 Gone are the days when Grandma lived down the road and Auntie Maud was just around the corner , each of them providing a comforting and experienced shoulder for the young mother to lean upon .
4 He believed that the government had lost credibility , first by denying that any recession ever existed , then by claiming it was only minor , then by claiming that though perhaps it was severe the recovery was just around the corner .
5 For years articles like this have been heralding the ‘ impending ’ arrival of a new British Standard for plain clay roofing tiles : good news was just around the corner .
6 But a new row was just around the corner .
7 Caricature was just around the corner .
8 John Dunlop 's filly has yet to find the target this season but her four-and-three-quarter lengths fourth to Only Royale in the Aston Upthorpe Yorkshire Oaks last month suggested that her turn was just around the corner .
9 This is painted just before the war , and it 's interesting to compare it with a painting by the court painter , William Dobson who worked in Oxford during the war , his studio was just around the corner in the High Street , because that 's Rupert very much at the end when things were going badly wrong for him , erm and it 's unfinished , perhaps because Dobson was beginning to run out of paint , and the experts at allow , and I think just that face tells the whole story about tension and unhappiness , Dobson 's an interesting painter , one of the first English painters who sort of get to the top in this way , and he painted a lot of the cavaliers at Charles ' court , erm this is Sir John Byron who clattered down the main street at St Aldate 's , before the king even arrived before the Battle of Edgehill , the one that caused trouble for John Smith , erm and he was very much a swash-buckling character , but he did n't spend a lot of time in Oxford later , but he was there enough to have his portrait painted .
10 As it turned out , rather too much excitement was just around the corner .
11 The malais began to think a triumph was just around the corner .
12 When Sir Eric was appointed Rector in 1985 everyone was congratulating themselves that the financial squeeze on the universities , which had lasted 15 years , was now at an end and that stable funding was just around the corner .
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