Example sentences of "important it is for " in BNC.

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1 A comparison of such different ballets as Enigma Variations , Fancy Free and The Rake 's Progress emphasises how important it is for young choreographers to remember that ballet is an art of the general as well as of the particular .
2 ‘ The figures are a movable feast , but they show how important it is for anonymised prevalence testing to get under way so we can get a true picture of infection in the population . ’
3 This goes back to what I was saying about the ‘ fellowship ’ of conferences and similar events and how important it is for people to enjoy themselves and make contacts .
4 I can not stress enough how important it is for teachers to realise that because drama is such a powerful tool for helping people change , as teachers we need to be very sensitive to the emotional demands we make on our students .
5 The conversion also shows how important it is for the planning authority to be flexible about change of use so the right scheme does not get blocked prematurely .
6 But Making Out highlights how important it is for women to have a job and be with other women workers — often in very crummy circumstances , but actually being very resilient with a lot of humour and girl talk .
7 I shall be dealing more fully with the use of the library in the next chapter , but I can not stress too strongly how important it is for all researchers to be knowledgeable about bibliographical sources and , sadly , how few social science undergraduates are actually taught the necessary skills .
8 We have seen how important it is for the retailer to choose the right place and the right product .
9 I can tell him how important it is for us to have a home of our own .
10 That 's without mentioning how important it is for Suede to hurtle into people 's lives …
11 Just how important it is for the mountain goat to be footsure is summed up by Doug Chadwick , an American biologist who lived with goats for several years :
12 For all its graphs , diagrams and photographs and highly technical text , I was glad to see that the practical matters were not neglected and the author was keen to emphasise the personal touch and how important it is for the stockman to treat his cows with confidence , affection and respect .
13 At the level of parliament , the news media and opinion poll data , management of the national economy has been the dominant issue in British politics for much of the post-war period and however important it is for socialists to insist that ‘ the political ’ be given a broader definition , they can not afford to be silent on so important a concern .
14 With around 700 people a year dying in house fires , doctors from Cardiff Royal Infirmary stress how important it is for all homes to have smoke detectors .
15 I can not over-emphasise how important it is for cyclists , that any barrier should allow enough room to pass through without dismounting .
16 The level of provisions ‘ demonstrates the immense damage which is done by extreme economic cycles and just how important it is for this country to strive to secure steady growth on a low-inflationary basis ’ .
17 I wonder how important it is for those players because the the competition over here has its detractors , what about over there , I ca n't imagine the Italians being that bothered about doing well in this competition , certainly the gates over there do n't suggest that it 's that important ?
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