Example sentences of "when [pron] is need " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Yes , I love her , she 's a sweet girl and she 's had a raw deal , and I have to admit , it makes one feel so good when one is needed . ’
2 - We may go further , and affirm that a negative is used , generally speaking , when there is need to deny some expectation ( in the mind of author , reader , character ) that the positive is true .
3 In the Indian sub-continent the cities have colonised the villages and the rural communities have gradually been eroded until ( ideally for industrial capitalism ) nothing remains but a pool of reserve labour which can be drawn upon as and when it is needed .
4 To have one standing in the corner of every room in the house is a tremendous help to an old person who can not bend ; although , of course , one will suffice , as it can be carried from one room to another when it is needed .
5 Information is not available when it is needed ; the moment passes ; the opportunity is lost .
6 The Semai ethic of sharing mandates that aid be given when it is needed ( with the expectation , to be sure , that it will be reciprocated by someone at some later date when the giver is in need ) , but any accounting or direct reciprocation is unacceptable .
7 selection — we supply a range of essential vocabulary when it is needed .
8 Tests show that , after a slow beginning , availability of the nutrients rises to a peak in about 80 days and then tails off with the potash being held late , when it is needed .
9 As the lambs become stronger and more mobile they can move freely in and out of defined heat zones , taking warmth as and when it is needed .
10 It was simply that a bottle of brandy , even of the kind intended only for the kitchen ( by which I do n't mean something not fit to drink , I mean something one prefers not to drink ) , somehow always turns out in fact to have been drunk by somebody just when it is needed for cooking and has n't been replaced , while whisky is a supply which is more or less automatically re-ordered as soon as it runs out .
11 There will be no dynamics , maybe not an obvious ability to adjust the scoring rate when it is needed .
12 I would agree that some of our residential homes , in spite of difficulties do provide very good residential care for people with dementia and that ideally , we need a combination of residential care and cursing skills with good support from community and hospital psychiatric and paramedical services as and when it is needed .
13 Most people who need community care prefer to live in their own homes with practical help for themselves and their carers when it is needed .
14 And it also enjoys the magical flexibility of a workforce which is there when it is needed and simply vanishes when it is n't .
15 Will the Secretary of State ensure that the substantial sum that the European Community wants to give us , and which the coalfield communities want to receive , is given now when it is needed ?
16 Small points again , like accuracy of feeding when it is needed , become natural to them because they are constantly working at it .
17 The voluntary bodies must be consulted in a rather more positive fashion than the very flimsy effort so far produced by the Scottish Development Department and the Government must now throw the baby out with the bath water and greatly weaken our statutory conservation agency just when it is needed most .
18 The short duration of the contracts on offer is considered unrealistic and Jim Halliday , chairman of the BWEA , believes Britain 's renewable energy programme could be halted " just when it is needed most " since the NFFO is threatened with termination in 1998 .
19 When anything is needed in this country , be it education or homes , there is no money .
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