Example sentences of "when [pron] is [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 When everyone is sailing there are still unused craft ashore , so there 's lots of choice .
2 When everyone is speaking at once in a meeting , keep talking in a calm , reasonable manner .
3 In Tenerife , seven nights at the Laguna Park II Apartments starts at £159 per person and only £225 at the hotel Oasis Paradiso on half board during December , just when everyone is shivering in Britain .
4 How gear is that when everyone is jumping everybody else 's train ?
5 One possibility is to take the loss now , in the current balance sheet , when everyone is feeling pain .
6 Souness often spouts on about deals when nothing is happening .
7 A horse 's degree of willingness , cooperation in learning new things , agreeableness in doing what we ask of it , are most important traits in a horse 's temperament if we wish to enjoy riding it ; yet it is an aspect of the horse that is more overlooked than any other when someone is thinking of buying or breeding a horse .
8 What is likely to matter most when someone is buying your product is a quite vague general impression that it is familiar and that they have heard good of it somewhere : not an explicit memory of an ad .
9 Under fire from referees for his comments as a defence witness at Salisbury Crown Court last week , Kelly retorted : ‘ When someone is facing a prison sentence and all the immediate trauma that it involves for his family , I believe the sensitivities of referees should come second rather than first . ’
10 With currently available equipment we are not able to discover what goes on in detail in the brain when someone is speaking , though we can make guesses based on evidence such as speech errors ( ‘ slips of the tongue ’ ) and the effects on speech production of different sorts of brain damage .
11 When someone is purchasing a vehicle erm they are told that they have a guarantee or a warranty , in actual fact it 's mechanical breakdown insurance .
12 When someone is doing this it is very difficult to gain commitment .
13 You know , now that is , that is when somebody is trying to take you further , there 's , there 's , there 's the food , there 's been a food , I do n't know , food , food poisoning outbreak in a well-known city restaurant or something like that , there 's thirty people in hospital , a couple are pretty serious , there 's a general flap on because it 's the height of the tourist season in Cambridge , and you 've been called in .
14 When somebody is going through a crisis they are opening up to you and a deep bond does develop , more perhaps than you would have with a doctor .
15 The ad people know that girls are watching and that they can attract them and form their ideas by making the girl associate their product with a particular image — so that when she is looking at a hair gel in a chemist 's , that will conjure up for her the image of the model used to advertise it , and make her want to look that way herself , and want to buy it .
16 Leapor 's ‘ An Essay on Friendship ’ is more comprehensive rebuttal of Pope 's ‘ An Epistle to a Lady ’ ( see below ) , yet it is evident that Leapor also has the poem in mind when she is writing ‘ An Essay on Woman ’ .
17 You will realise that words of comfort like this can solve no problems for her ; they can do no more than bathe the wound she has sustained , but she will be badly in need of something to cling on to and because they are spoken by someone who loves her they may be exactly what she wants to hear when she is trying to reassemble herself and face the future .
18 Drawing once again on the detective genre , Pynchon complicates the linear hunt for information , partly by rendering every detail as ambiguous as possible and partly by having Oedipa literally go round in a huge circle when she is pursuing an ‘ underground ’ mail courier .
19 That she is more liable to leave work just when she is getting most useful [ in other words ] there are more changes in a crowd of women workers than in a crowd of men workers.32
20 It is equally important when she is wearing a soft tunic or one-piece tights and leotard .
21 So she go to Palestine to meet with them , and she then meet you with boat in Aden when she is coming home again , you remember , ja ? ’
22 ‘ Well , phone subservient Maria Luisa while you 're at it and find out when she is coming back because I 'm fed up with … with … ’
23 In a couple or family contract the patient and his partner , for example , may undertake to do things on a reciprocal basis ( e.g. a husband agrees to organize weekly social outings for he and his wife , while she agrees to tell him when she is feeling distressed , rather than keeping her feelings to herself ) .
24 In all your efforts to help her at this crucial time the most important thing to remember is to try to reduce her anxiety by being as relaxed and quietly optimistic about her future as you can , and to restrain her from making any major decisions hastily , regarding such matters as the disposal of property or moving house , as she may regret this later on when she is feeling less depressed .
25 When she is doing anything with children , she always squats down to their level , touches them and listens to them , and the response she gets in just a few moments with each is quite extraordinary .
26 Although astrology takes up most of her time — when she is filming for breakfast television she is picked up at 5am — she likes cooking and reading .
27 Finally , you may expect her to go through a period of depression when she is ceasing to try to avoid the reality of her loss .
28 However when she is heeling and lurching her way to windward the aggregate of the tensions in the shrouds and stays which support the masts is comparable to the ship 's displacement and may thus amount to several thousand tons .
29 Even Durante , who has a tendency to forget her character when she is dancing , responded at times with an uncharacteristically voluptuous abandon .
30 If we are to take this speech as accurate reportage within the conventions of deathbed narratives , is there not something a little remarkable in Leapor 's assuring her friend and patron that she has always loved her father , though never so much as now , when she is dying ?
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