Example sentences of "know for [det] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 But we shall not know for some time yet .
2 They did not know then , were not to know for many years , were never fully to understand what it was that held them together — a sense of being on the margins of English life , perhaps , a sense of being outsiders , looking in from a cold street through a lighted window into a warm lit room that later might prove to be their own ?
3 ‘ I doubt whether you could understand how it feels to know for all eternity that the creations of hell are pursuing you , ’ Kopyion said .
4 know for all assignments up to a hundred miles away from home .
5 I would go for every time better the devil you know for that reason alone really
6 If that power was sufficient , the holy spirit , if that power was sufficient to raise Christ from the dead , you not think he 's able to exert that power in your life and in my life to make us live lives that are pleasing to God , of course it is so we do n't do it ourselves , just let me in closing mention one other thing , this relationship we have needs to be maintained , you know for any relationship to grow , one needs to spend time with the other person , I do n't give a lot of credence to the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder , it does with somebody else , it 's true , it does not make it grow fonder of that person the person is you know who you , you heard this story so often , like particularly like going back during the last war , folk who were separated sometimes for , for , not just for months but for several years , there they were in concentration camps perhaps , in prisoner of war camps , separated for years , they come back home they 've got to get to know each other all over again you see that a relationship on a human level as well as in our relationship with God is dependent on , on association , it 's dependent on companionship , it 's dependent on spending time with the other person and in our relationship with Christ this is achieved by , by prayer , by knowing and understanding God 's word , by having fellowship with other Christians and fellowship with other Christians is not just meeting them and passing the time of day with them , oh that 's fellowship but it 's far more than that is required , there 's the fellowship in worship , we worship together , of course I can worship God at home of course I can do it , so can you do it and we , we should do it , but there 's that re , there 's that need , that requirement as God 's people we come together to worship him in a corporate act , in the sacraments , in , as we mentioned in , in earlier on in taking the bread and the wine and remembering the lords death , there 's a sense in which I can do it by myself
7 I was in the Lion , fortnight ago , Sunday dinnertime and lads had been on this er bike ride , you know for some children
8 Ideally , the emission rates of pollutants and plume-rise parameters should be known for each hour of the day and day of the year for all sources of pollution .
9 Alan Wofsy Fine Arts in San Francisco is known for such reprints and is offering an impressive range in 1993 .
10 Thomas Telford is better known for such engineering feats as the Menai Suspension Bridge or the Caledonian Canal , or roads and bridges throughout the Highlands .
11 Medieval water engineering is now known for many sites , shown particularly well at Rhuddlan in North Wales , Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire and Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire , but smaller schemes too have resulted in great changes .
12 It seems a more unlikely plant than most to be a herb , but the whole of it , leaves , stems etc. , consist of about 30 per cent mucilage , and this has a great number of medicinal applications , known for many centuries .
13 Although they have been known for many years their evolutionary position is still hotly debated .
14 Variants of this reaction have been known for many years .
15 Variants of this reaction have been known for many years .
16 FLARES on the Sun have been known for many years to produce powerful bursts of X-rays , gamma-rays and charged particles .
17 I have known for many years , through long observation , that truth IS stranger than fiction .
18 Further study is necessarily being completed ; but the evidence of linkage between the simultaneous appearance of climatic phenomena in Kansas , Chad , Bihar and in the south — eastern Pacific Ocean suggests what all geographers have known for many years — that the globe works as one complete system , one vast interactive machine , and that the divisions man has forced upon it are no more than crudely artificial devices for our own intellectual convenience .
19 It has been known for many years that damage to the left hemisphere is more likely to affect language ability than damage to the right , suggesting that the left hemisphere is very important for language .
20 For example , it is still commonplace in cartoons to show cavemen and dinosaurs together , despite the fact that it has been known for many years that dinosaurs were extinct long before the evolution of ‘ cavemen ’ .
21 It has been known for many years that rich clusters contain a lot of gas and dark matter , but Ponman and Bertram 's result shows that these features apply more generally .
22 It has been known for many years that neurons , like other cells , can be maintained alive and well under such conditions for periods of many days or even weeks , provided they are kept warm , aerated and well fed with glucose and other essential molecules .
23 I am sure that my hon. and gallant Friend , whom I have known for many years and for whom I have a great affection , would agree that about half the best people are women .
24 It has been known for many years that recycling used materials helps make great savings , but it was not until recently that it was realised how much good that it could do for the environment .
25 Although retired , Trevor continues to take an interest in the Stoddard Group as an agent for Lyles , keeping in touch with those he has known for many years .
26 Although the general distribution of earthquakes around the world had been known for many years , it was only with the establishment of a comprehensive network of seismographic stations to monitor underground nuclear weapons testing in the early 1960s that a detailed global picture emerged ( Fig. 2.10 ) .
27 He said Alan Winmill is somebody I have known for many years I regard him as a man of intergrity .
28 Because the polling system is new and complex , the results will not be known for several days , but most observers expect the local party 's candidates to come in far behind the Popular Front and other unofficial groups .
29 In the best traditions of the state 's statistics , a truthful answer will not be known for several years ( ie , when it is of little practical use ) .
30 But we know very little about the animals which bore these scales and although a few articulated remains have been known for several years , they show very little anatomical detail and it is not easy to identify immediate relatives .
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