Example sentences of "just that i [vb base] " in BNC.

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1 I it 's just that I remember on Monday morning hearing on the radio that it was being talked about that afternoon and of course immediately forgot to go and get a copy of the next day 's Guardian and read about it and all the other
2 ‘ It 's just that I doubt that your grandmother sent you after me with instructions to — to abduct me and drag me to Rome at any cost . ’
3 ‘ It 's just that I like it here with you .
4 It 's just that I like him and it 's silly to pretend I do n't for the sake of pride .
5 ‘ It 's not that I mind wasting my time , it 's just that I like to know that I 'm wasting my time . ’
6 it 's just that I like it you know .
7 No it 's just that I like to get all this out of the way .
8 It 's just that I wish I 'd got my wretched memory back some other way . ’
9 It 's just that I du n no I mean
10 It 's just that I prefer the other rooms . ’
11 It 's just that I 've got this feeling about it all .
12 Just that I 've got to get over there fast . ’
13 It 's just that I 've never met a policeman before . ’
14 It 's just that I 've never seriously thought about it before .
15 ‘ It 's just that I 've never been deported before . ’
16 It 's just that I 've really Chairman , page thirty- three , little one could somebody er the growth , a review of the authority contracts hire for officers .
17 It 's just that I 've I mean I want a curtain there as well because otherwise it all looks a bit heavy but I do n't think I could put a blind down there because of the way
18 Just that I 've found out a bit more about our friend Martin 's business dealings , and , more importantly , who he 's dealing with .
19 It 's just that I 've never given the matter much thought .
20 It 's just that I 've just got too many at , it can only be done a week before
21 It 's not nacked it 's just that I 've lost seven pens like .
22 Mm , yeah well I will be with you in a minute darling , it 's just that I 've got a
23 Aye , but I mean I notice it , it 's just that I 've been doing that job that longly you see , you follow me ?
24 No it 's just that I 've got a lot of trousers up there that are far too big for me now that might fit him
25 Well , yeah , no , it 's , it 's just that I 've , there 's several screws and bits and pieces missing .
26 Well I understand that you get fifteen , it 's just that I 've got a lot of customer where I got business that is depending on the kind of insurance that we give them , based on what our
27 It 's just that I 've already mentioned to someone else , and if they ca n't go , then I 'll offer it to you .
28 It 's not wa with a microphone it 's just that I 've got a little socket for a microphone .
29 It 's just that I 've never met anyone as nice as you talk .
30 ‘ It 's not that there are two Nigel Mansells , it 's just that I know when to compete and when to relax .
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