Example sentences of "think to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 The ore in God 's Blessing was thought to be rich in gold !
2 The lack of reaffirmation of their society thought to be implicit in the low fertility current in the Federal Republic of Germany is worrying some members of that society , quite apart from the obvious material consequences .
3 The first three of these are clearly concerned with the treatment of third-country nationals , and it is therefore of interest to note that the question of visa policy , which might be thought to be implicit in the second and third objectives mentioned above will fall within the scope of Community competence by virtue of the new Article 100C of the EEC Treaty introduced by the Maastricht Treaty .
4 Fish , too , often incorrectly thought to be incommunicative and largely undemonstrative creatures , even ‘ sing ’ , like birds , and communicate territorial , sexual and social signals in the realm of low-frequency sound .
5 Northumbrian , Wessex , Southern and Yorkshire are thought to be vulnerable .
6 Bangladeshi babies are thought to be vulnerable , and they sleep close to other people both day and night ; at night they are either in the mother 's bed or in a cot next to it , a practice also reported by Farooqi et al .
7 It might additionally be thought to be undesirable that trivial assaults have to be prosecuted with an offence carrying the heavy maximum penalty of ten years ' imprisonment .
8 Ulster is thought to be distinctive within both the United Kingdom and the island of Ireland .
9 The traditional division , whereby the advice worker advises clients and the manager does everything else , was not always thought to be efficient or fair .
10 It was thought to be efficient to increase the yield to produce more than we need at a price which is more than we can pay and then dump the surplus on the world market , leaving the farmer with nothing .
11 Some of the representations are thought to be actual portraits .
12 Of the few remaining large houses , Mere House which faces the pond is possibly the oldest , thought to be Elizabethan and reputed to have been visited by the ghost of a monk .
13 A simplified leaflet to be made available to the public will concentrate on procedures for making a complaint and the follow-up action which can be taken if the initial response is thought to be unsatisfactory .
14 Head Office can draw up a general set of specimen job descriptions for all posts , if this is thought to be helpful .
15 This has been generally well received and is thought to be helpful and informative on matters of chambers administration .
16 A man not thought to be easy to handle .
17 LAW and gospel have traditionally been thought to be opposed to one another .
18 Interestingly these regions of the mouse genome are thought to be paralogous or ancestrally related ( 71 ) .
19 Was it thought to be rough by everyone else ?
20 Keith Pringle ( ‘ Gender politics ' 4 March ) asserts that because of male socialisation and the fact that 77 per cent of abusers are thought to be male , all men may have some potential to commit sexual abuse .
21 Scientists have called for an urgent review of recently set government safety limits which are now thought to be inadequate .
22 Psychiatry was new and had only been in practice since 1879 ; neuroses and psychoses were thought to be untreatable .
23 Once thought to be rare , anorexia nervosa has become an important public health concern in western countries .
24 Participating mortgages , formerly thought to be unenforceable , can now be used .
25 The Hawiye clan , which dominates the rebel group currently threatening Mr Barre , is not thought to be vengeful .
26 Securing a job in Digital , opened in the recession-free days of the early 70s , was thought to be akin to getting a position in the civil service : once in , there forever .
27 Dicta to the contrary in McPhail v Persons Unknown [ 1973 ] 3 All ER 393 are thought to be applicable only if in the High Court .
28 in pairs are thought to be clever dicks , sorry .
29 This was thought to be due to the fact that the smaller wheels were leading , but the Metropolitan Electric tramways which had some similar cars on almost identical bogies , turned the bogies round on one of their cars ( No. 25 ) and it made no appreciable difference .
30 The reason for this is not known but is thought to be due to infection by the virus itself .
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