Example sentences of "we [adv] [vb past] to " in BNC.

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1 We duly wrote to the CAA , asking them to confirm or deny this practice .
2 The suggested the distinctive Volvo 460 , which we duly put to the test .
3 The tow rope snapped twice on the way and was getting shorter and shorter before we eventually got to Darlington .
4 We eventually went to the Austrian Police in an effort to get some assistance and , as good fortune would have it , we met it young Austrian called Thomas who worked at one of the Shipping Offices on the border .
5 Course we was feverishly trying to chip the bricks and things off the horse then how , what had happened because we 'd got two stalls for them , and there was pigs in the one side and the horse in the other one , but of course when we eventually came to it , or they eventually came to the horse , he was dead , been killed standing up there like , you know and er , poor old pigs was all dead as well and as I said , about a hundred fell and two or three would been blown sky high .
6 By the time we eventually turned to starboard and headed off towards the UK I was most anxious to get home : I was to be the best man at a wedding that day , and I had to get back before high noon , When the dawn really appeared we were lying very sedately over ( and we were not aware of it at the time ) Belgium .
7 So , still roped from the crevasse fields , we gingerly crawled to the top .
8 I used to , no I only went away on er , we only went to Rotterdam once , that 's all .
9 Well we 've we only went to the if you like the training session of the er erm participants yesterday and we 've got our next meeting on the 22nd February that I 've invited you to at .
10 ( Our sample was obviously biased because we only spoke to couples who felt secure in the knowledge that the adoption had just been completed . )
11 We just went to it .
12 We just had to be or my centenary Open was going to be short-lived indeed !
13 We just seemed to time it wrong with the weather .
14 We were able to help him … we can see their house from our bedroom and we just happened to be looking out of the window at the time , do n't you know . ’
15 I said I did n't know the other guys , we just happened to be in the same pub .
16 We just happened to be in the pool at the same time , that 's all . ’
17 This friend of ours who lost his wife last year , well we 've got another friend who was very fond of her she also smokes we just happened to me we did n't say
18 oh we just happened to be down town
19 We generally got to their place just as they were finishing breakfast .
20 We soon came to the same decision , which was that having promised the boys we would help them , we could n't now let them down .
21 His first action had been in Greece in late 1940 : ‘ We soon went to the border , and the Germans invaded from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia which they had romped through .
22 We soon went to bed .
23 The delicious things in the foil-covered dishes had long gone , we were getting drunk nightly on sweet German wine and tins of creamed rice were starting to look attractive , when we finally awoke to a day of brilliant sunshine .
24 Last week we mistakenly referred to a contributor , Dafydd Elis Thomas , as a Plaid Cymru MP .
25 We usually went to Switzerland , Holland , Germany , Denmark , Sweden .
26 We hardly spoke to each other , ’ she protested .
27 And er inevitably of course , we always fell to the secretary you see .
28 We always had to be properly dressed even in the wee small hours when we were only looking forward to being relieved so we could fall into bed .
29 We always had to be aware where their main dangers were coming from and defensively we did that .
30 . We always seemed to be lucky in that way . ’
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