Example sentences of "she [verb] [adv prt] the " in BNC.

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1 I always remember 'er walkin' up the turnin' wiv 'er 'ead 'eld up .
2 She goes up the fire escape and looks into the upstairs rooms .
3 She goes down the Railway
4 She flung back the bedclothes and released a breath of pent-up fury , shaking her head in disbelief at that man 's ill-temper , at his supreme superiority .
5 When she could stand it no longer , she flung back the bedclothes and crossed to the washbasin in the corner of the room , splashing her face with cold water .
6 Giving up the battle to make her restless mind switch off , she flung back the duvet and got out of bed .
7 Muttering under her breath , she flung back the covers and swung her long legs out of bed , the flimsy material of her nightdress caressing her thighs as she padded barefoot to the kitchen to fetch a couple of aspirin .
8 Sperber and Wilson 's ( 1986 ) principle of relevance entitles the hearer to expect adequate contextual effects for the minimum necessary processing effort.5 This means that a speaker who is asked to say what , for example , was said in a lecture would not satisfy the principle of relevance if he or she read out the entire content word for word .
9 Satisfied with the merest hint of make-up she had used on her heart-shaped face , she emptied out the small jewellery sachet she always took with her on her travels .
10 She threaded up the machine with the right cotton for her curtains , arranged the material in the right position under the needle , and began to turn the handle of the machine .
11 When the horn was robed she threaded back the leather of the necklace and gave it to Dreamer , who put it round his neck and tucked this frail memory of the broken boy into his furs .
12 And erm did your mother work or was she bringing up the family ?
13 Passing me , she swooped up the hen in her arms and proceeded to cradle it as she apologized to me again .
14 With the speed and precision of an avenging angel , she swooped up the net and tipped out the three squirming occupants , watching with grim satisfaction as they darted away .
15 She laid down the seed packets for emphasis .
16 She laid down the printing frame that she held .
17 But she laid down the rebec on her knees , and looked up at BĂ©nezet with a fiercely thoughtful face .
18 She laid down the telephone and stared at the view outside her office window .
19 Aunt Tossie had a faint dribble of desire at the corners of her mouth when , at length , she laid down the slate pencil and rose from her chair to face Mrs Geary , her companion in what was to be an immortal triumph : its finale that most acceptable of puddings before diets and regimens were conceived : a really beautiful Trifle .
20 She laid down the phone with a small sigh of relief .
21 She laid down the brush and faced Shae directly .
22 She laid down the phone and leaned back against the pillows .
23 As she laid down the phone , she decided she 'd do that .
24 After hitching her cover more firmly round her shoulders she made up the smouldering fire and sat on the pouffe .
25 The accent sounded mid-European and as Lee became more accustomed to the steam she made out the face of the owner of the voice .
26 But as she made out the figure who stood darkly outlined against the blaze of the picture window 's light , she stopped abruptly short .
27 The bang came again but softer , and she made out the squeak of rusty hinges against the din of the stormy night .
28 Her fists gripped the armrests of the chair so tightly she made out the taut ligaments running from her wrists to her knuckles .
29 She made out the shape of Caro squatting in the armchair , rigidly still .
30 Every day she fought back the waves of nausea in order to fulfil her public engagements .
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