Example sentences of "she [verb] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 ‘ Scientific writers , novelists and poets , ’ she insists at the outset , ‘ can all be found putting forward similar views of humanity , society and nature , often by means of similar language and imagery , ’
2 She lisped over the telephone , ’ Congratulations , daddy , on being elected to the national executing committee of the Labour party ’ .
3 She was a bonny young 'un , right enough , and from a bonny mother , from what she had glimpsed of that lass as she skidded down the road with the polis after her .
4 ‘ Hosanna , ’ she whispered into the street .
5 ‘ Lincolnshire , really , though we live in London now , ’ she whispered into the darkness .
6 ‘ We 've done it , ’ she whispered into the little cave made by her fingers .
7 ‘ Goodbye , my love , ’ she whispered into the silence .
8 " La monasterie " she whispered across the aisle , " ce n'est pas belle . "
9 ‘ I love you , ’ she whispered under the Muzak .
10 ‘ I love you , ’ she whispered under the din of other people 's exclamations about the phenomenal machine .
11 ‘ It 's all right ’ she whispered under the noise , and he settled down again on his side with his back to her .
12 Would you please be my friend ? ’ she whispered to the robin .
13 ‘ Sweet heaven , ’ she whispered to the empty car , ‘ please let me reach the main road safely .
14 she goes up the stairs .
15 When these vibrations reach the female , she goes towards the male .
16 If she goes through the checkout without a tantrum praise her behaviour ( ‘ You 're a big girl behaving so well ’ ) .
17 This gives you a head start , and if you are sensitive to her changing needs as she goes through the grief experience you will learn your role and recognise your cues as you go along .
18 She goes through the book do n't she ?
19 But when she goes into the economics of food , admits the ‘ luxury ’ of aesthetic choice , and gets John Berger off the charge of ‘ bourgeois pastoral ’ or ‘ the consolatory celebration of a fictive rusticity ’ , you have a writer for whom politics was never a mere function of style .
20 The young woman feels curiously as though she is only playing at house once more when she goes into the first flat or home that she can truly call her own .
21 As she goes into the election , she will be helped by the stronger economy .
22 But her pouch has a muscle around its mouth which contracts like a draw-string and shuts so tightly when she goes into the water that her young are in no danger of drowning .
23 Go that way so if she goes into the Hea the Health Centre and says , you know that she 's from Hill
24 All eyes will be on Vina Buller today as she goes into the final showjumping phase in the lead of the National Championship sponsored by Heineken at Punchestown in Co Kildare .
25 She goes into the loo … and he never sees her again .
26 She goes into the loo … and he never sees her again .
27 There are hints , there are passages here and there where she goes into the present tense .
28 So she goes into the church .
29 Well , erm , she goes to him , well she told him , and she goes onto the pill yeah , and you know , she did n't tell her mum , she did n't tell her mum though , did she ?
30 After winning the love of Claire 's daughter and the respect of her husband Mike ( Matt McCoy ) , Peyton begins a systematic campaign to ruin her employer 's life , culminating in a chilling climax when she goes on the rampage .
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