Example sentences of "that i have [verb] " in BNC.

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1 Tell me something in the last eight years that I 've said .
2 ‘ Tell me something in the last eight years that I 've said .
3 Yeah , for the reasons that I 've said
4 Yes erm they 're not they 're not add additional representations , they 're not additional to anything that I 've said we 've heard during the enquiry .
5 ‘ But I admit that I 've said a lot of things in the deliberate hope of hurting or humiliating you , and that was one of them . ’
6 But what I 'd like to do before we progress much farther , is just to , just to think , maybe about some of the things that I 've said there , some of the things that we 've already spoken about .
7 Now even more than the rest of the stuff that I 've said I would n't mention that to anybody else no .
8 You 'll notice that I 've said to you we 're going to run the .
9 That I 've said erm if you take into account inflation at five percent which they , they , although they 're not , have n't put it in concrete , they reckon they 're gon na link it to inflation , erm that should be , in thirty years time , about five pounds .
10 and I keep on saying that I 've said it like about so many things when we 're at home and she goes , what is this you always saying well with everything .
11 For among the effects is one that is new , and that nothing that I 've said so far could have suggested this very exuberance , as well as the things it plays on , can make us smile or laugh .
12 I 'm lucky enough I do n't seem to get any out , you know , the times that I 've said oh I 'm not bothering this year .
13 Sometimes I go out and pick up strange men in clubs because that seems to fit the self-image that I 've adopted — I do n't know if that makes sense .
14 It 's simply the way that I 've adopted since the plans I laid were destroyed .
15 The fact that I 've seen no film for some time that is more sexually honest is actually beside the point .
16 Vulgar song , but I 'm demonstrating that I 've seen the light at last .
17 TOM : You know what 's amazed me most of all that I 've seen is Big Tree .
18 All the people that I 've seen trying to do it have all my sympathy , because I know what they 've been going through .
19 There 's a double cutaway arrangement and it 's a very different body shape from any jazz guitar that I 've seen .
20 It was designed to be used when knitting pile and drive lace — though I suspect from the almost total lack of drive lace and pile garments that I 've seen , or rather not seen , that is used at all it 's mainly with the rib transfer carriage !
21 One of the most positive aspects of Switchboard that I 've seen over the past seven years , apart from the callers , has been the way that many of its members have continuously struggled to put their politics and convictions about gay and other rights into practice ( though some of them might not care to put it that way ) and the strength that working on it has given some people to do so elsewhere .
22 Which is funny , because all the Manson girls that I 've seen on film and stuff , when they talk about Charlie 's music they always say , he was great , he was as good as Tom Jones !
23 Not that I 've seen anyone .
24 The TV is on , the sound is low , it 's some not-half-cheeky detective rubbish starring George Segal that I 've seen a couple of times before , just the way I like it .
25 er , it depends on one 's own tastes , I personally do n't like the open planned that I 've seen in very modern houses where , erm I , I do n't quite know how to express it but it does seem to me odd to be on one floor level and then two feet up you 're on another level and er , that 's one aspect of the open plan that does n't appeal to me and I do n't quite understand why it 's necessary to have everything that 's going on in one room with pieces of furniture designed to act as barriers between the different functions or purposes for which you give parts of the room .
26 Not that I 've seen .
27 ‘ Now that I 've seen the finished copy I 'm delighted that I encouraged Susan to write it , ’ said Mrs Major .
28 Are we supposed to be using the pre-course questionnaires that I 've seen a couple of times , on all course ?
29 ‘ Only that I 've seen them before . ’
30 ‘ Tomorrow I wo n't be able to believe that I 've seen and touched you , Heathcliff ! ’ she cried , catching hold of his hands .
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