Example sentences of "that it was [pron] " in BNC.

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1 To us , the black laver bread looked dreadful , poisonous , but we understood and respected that it was something Welsh , something special .
2 ‘ They both have trades that are drastically needed and felt that it was something they could offer to help these children , ’ explained Mark 's girlfriend , Sarah Howe .
3 But Breeze still had an uneasy feeling that it was something more .
4 But it came too late for him to do anything about it , for when he straightened up and turned towards the bank the bullet hit him in the chest and his body seemed to disintegrate and fly in all directions , and he knew that death was on him and that it was something that divided you into a million parts and each fragment screamed as it flung itself into eternity .
5 Even so , she felt sure that it was something to do with her , that there should only have been the Maxwell girl there .
6 It was decorated with purple tulips , and it was hardly ever used , for Mrs Maugham was not unaware that it was something of an anachronism .
7 He had no doubt that it was something devious , and her tone indicated she had already made her choice for him .
8 I do not mean , of course , that it was something that can not be explained yet , but rather that it was something of which no explanation can conceivably be found .
9 I do not mean , of course , that it was something that can not be explained yet , but rather that it was something of which no explanation can conceivably be found .
10 Her instinct told her that it was something far more worrying .
11 But it started to make me feel scared that it was something I was going to have to bring up for the rest of my life .
12 He could see from her face that that really hurt , and also that it was something she had n't been able to work out satisfactorily for herself .
13 The district committee , the A G E W district committee , er recognized that it was something that er was a confederation exercise because it covered all aspects of the workforce , and therefore you had er engineers and , and the sheet metal workers and electricians and pattern makers , everybody within the confed in Brothers was affected by it .
14 For a time she had even innocently believed that Luke 's father 's recent death had been responsible for the anger she had sensed in him , until she gradually grew aware that it was something personal , directed at her , his dealings with most of the station 's personnel characterised by charm , his impatience with any inadequacies purely professional .
15 But it had never struck me that it was something he would notice .
16 For no special reason except that it was something new to show him and it avoided the long grind out to the airport the brief shuttle flight and another cab queue .
17 That it was something new is further indicated by Sidonius 's extraordinary description of Syagrius as " a new Solon of the Burgundians in interpreting law " , implying that a Roman aristocrat had devoted himself to drafting edicts for Chilperic and his Burgundians .
18 Owen had a feeling , though , that it was something else .
19 He explained that it was something like new party policy on homelessness and would involve a march into town piling up lots of boxes and collecting signatures on a Valentine type partition to give to Hugh .
20 About six months ago , we mutually decided that it was something we could do without .
21 All you could feel was that it was something bony .
22 Harvey 's group , for example , found that peeling paint in the home related to lower IQ , but that it was nothing to do with lead in the paint , relating more probably to the influence of the parents .
23 He came round at once , and said that it was nothing to worry about ; Susan was worn out , that was all , and must stay in bed for a few days .
24 He retorted that it was nothing to the risk he had taken .
25 There was also the possibility that Myeloski was wrong , that it was nothing more than a string of coincidences .
26 He said that it was nothing to do with him ; it was a matter for the Department of the Environment .
27 Caroline had disappeared but it had been shown that it was nothing to do with him .
28 ‘ After a while I stopped blaming myself and simply accepted the fact that it was nothing personal , no major failing on my part , it was simply the way Claire was .
29 Then he 'd realized that it was no-one he would recognize .
30 He saw two eyes and then the cloak was thrown away from the face and he could see that it was her , blue-lipped with cold , reaching for him .
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