Example sentences of "that it is for " in BNC.

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1 Moreover , what is particularly regrettable about this requirement is that it is for largely financial accounting facilities to address such issues as :
2 It is clearly laid down in the Act that it is for them to consider whether or not the nuisance exists , whether or not it has been abated , and whether it still exists , and , if it does , it is for them to consider which of the requirements of the abatement notice are to be carried out or how otherwise the nuisance is to be abated .
3 Lord Justice Browne-Wilkinson said that it is now apparently accepted that it is for the courts to decide whether a privilege exists and for the House of Commons to decide whether such privilege has been infringed .
4 If you need to use that facility , and I emphasize that it is for emergency use only , your contact at Voice of America is Felix Klamin . ’
5 If the person taking the blood sample is asked for what purpose it is being taken and replies that it is for an HIV antibody test , a person who does not wish an HIV antibody test to be done should expressly say so , and should also ask for this refusal to be entered in their medical records .
6 Subject , however , to the help of the court in these various ways , the basic principle underlying the preparation and presentation of a party 's case in the High Court in England is that it is for that party to obtain and present the evidence which he needs by his own means , provided always that such means are lawful in the country in which they are used .
7 That it is for the common benefit of all States is demonstrated by its application to straits used for international navigation .
8 The Government believes that it is for the professional bodies and other organizations whose members provide legal services to satisfy the courts and the public that their members are competent to undertake representation .
9 For the extreme relativist , the distinction between science and non-science becomes much more arbitrary and less important that it is for the rationalist .
10 It is common ground that it is for the governors of a voluntary aided school to decide who is to be admitted as a pupil and to lay down the admissions policy of the school .
11 Again , on the face of the statute , I can not see any reason why in this case the constable should do more than tell the driver the reason under section 7(3) why breath specimens can not be taken or used ; tell him that in these circumstances he is required to give a specimen of blood or urine but that it is for the constable to decide which ; warn him that a failure to provide the specimen required may render him liable to prosecution ; and then , if the constable decides to require blood , ask the driver if there are any reasons why a specimen can not or should not be taken from him by a doctor .
12 Although in the past the courts and the House of Commons both claimed the exclusive right to determine whether or not a privilege existed , it is now apparently accepted that it is for the courts to decide whether a privilege exists and for the House to decide whether such privilege has been infringed : see Erskine May on Parliamentary Practice , 21st ed. ( 1989 ) , pp. 147–160 .
13 The shareholders enjoy an additional layer of protection with regard to gratuitous payments , in that in order to show that a payment is authorised by the company 's memorandum it will usually be necessary to establish that it is reasonably incidental to the company 's business purposes , in essence , that it is for the company 's benefit , which is an objective question .
14 The test is clearly an objective one , in the sense that it is for the magistrates to say after the event whether or not what the defendant did was reasonable .
15 Note that Lord Blackburn was convinced that prompt part payment of a debt is in fact a benefit to the creditor but he abandoned the opinion that it is for that reason consideration for the creditor 's promise not to claim the balance .
16 On Europe , to put it beyond all doubt in this House , in the country , and on the continent , will my right hon. Friend reaffirm that it is the policy of Her Majesty 's Government that Britain shall not go down the route of a federal Europe and that it is for Britain to decide on the future of her own currency ?
17 The position on the particular issue to which the hon. Gentleman refers is that for some years now we have pursued the same policy that the money has been , in the formula applied , additional and is reflected in higher public spending plans , and that it is for the Commissioner to honour the pledge that we have had for years past .
18 He takes the understandable view that it is for him to take the first steps in Russia , which he is doing to keep the scientists in Russia .
19 The Prime Minister 's formulation is that it is for the other 11 member states now to demonstrate to us in watertight treaty terms that the right of all member states to determine their own foreign policies is not being abandoned or abdicated .
20 I can also confirm that it is for the TAVRAs and for the local people to determine the most appropriate location for the individual company headquarters .
21 As is usual , our report is provided on the basis that it is for your information only and that it will not be quoted or referred to , in whole or in part , without our prior written consent .
22 We must please be clear about those factors which actually matter , always bearing in mind that it is for the county council in the first instance and perhaps for the panel in the second instance , to take a decision about the suppression of past migration trends .
23 Thus , a lease for less than three years may be validly created on an informal basis , provided that it is for a market , as opposed to a " peppercorn " , rent .
24 Similarly if the house is transferred upon certain terms and conditions ( see Chapter 6 ) s11 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 should relieve the transfer from charge ( see p99 ) on the basis that it is for the maintenance of the other party to the marriage .
25 In Kuwait it is just that we by the way in Kuwait we have two courts , we have the civil courts and we have the Islamic court , and erm Islamic cases go to the Islamic court and otherwise they go to the civil court , except just we we accept erm how to live our live in a modern way and keeping up with the times , and it is a tradition that we have adopted in Kuwait , and the fact that it is for women can drive in Kuwait versus those that do n't in Saudi Arabia , I do n't believe I 'd like to put that in the Islamic context , it 's just a way of life which we have adopted .
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