Example sentences of "that [vb past] give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 He was by no means unusual for his place and time : there were not a few London families in the mid-19th century who were busy accumulating all the paraphernalia that seemed to give them a gilt-edged claim to middle-class respectability — the portraits , the studio photographs , a family bible , ornate gravestones , even the odd crest and Latin motto .
2 ‘ The place that did give him a job was the Irish Catholic paper The Standard , which had a very funny editor who just liked to drink most of the day and was amused by Patrick and hired him as film critic .
3 Here , through the space of a breath or two , she could live for a moment in the rapturous evening when she and Lal had dressed for the Hunt Ball : the evening that had given her Andrew .
4 He had n't said anything that had given her any indication that he actually cared for her .
5 It had been Mme Guérigny 's and Montaine 's intimacy with the creatures of the forest that had given them the idea of hiding their deserter in the cave .
6 He betrayed no feelings to anyone in the country that had given him asylum .
7 It was his battalion 's heroic defence of their positions on the Basra to Baghdad road , when the rats from Iran had swarmed in their thousands from the marshlands , that had given him his present renown .
8 Spain was still deeply divided by the war and the choice of its commemorative dates ( such as " Victory Day " , or 18 July ) for the announcement of important political decisions was a tactic frequently used by Franco , reminding people that it was the outcome of the war that had given him the power to alter the country 's course as he thought fit .
9 The one Masklin had found in the Store , the one that had given him the idea for driving the Truck .
10 In her memory it was too bleak , too desolate , and that had given it an added power .
11 Crossing to the Grand Gendarme , we hardly paused at the rock step that had given us such a problem earlier .
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