Example sentences of "that they 've give " in BNC.

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1 It 's a compliment in itself that they 've given me the chance … ’
2 Helen : For some reason I thought of it that they 've given me this monster of a baby that I was n't going to be able to love , and some woman came round — she may have been the hospital social worker or an almoner — and spent about an hour telling me how this was going to completely change the course of my life , I was going to be saddled with this child that would need twenty-four hour care and attention , and I had to think carefully about whether I wanted that for the rest of my life , i.e. was I going to keep him — virtually talking me into not keeping him , and I think the turning-point was that I felt there was something coming from the outside that was , sort of , really trying to urge me to reject him , and that I rebelled against it .
3 Let's have a look at the ones that they 've given you .
4 As a works convenor , I work along twenty shop stewards , and I can tell this Congress that the message that they 've given to me from the people from the people that have elected them , is that they 're sick and tired of the perpetual bleating of the T U C about how they have to abide by the laws , when the only laws that are there are the laws that are bringing this movement down .
5 erm This has a knock-on effect insofar as if they 've once given up the physical sciences , then it means that they 've given up all hopes , when they leave school , of following a , a job or a profession , of courses in further or higher education , in technological , engineering subjects .
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