Example sentences of "that i can give " in BNC.

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1 I leap outside into the snow , stand ankle deep in the snow and strain frantically at the same time trying to remember which direction I am pointing so that I can give instructions about where not to get the snow for tomorrow 's tea .
2 Now , I want the best for you , the best that I can give you , because in a way you belong to me now , and Ben there . ’
3 Now about getting physical activity , I , I ca n't say that I can give your a er er a foolproof method because it will depend upon you .
4 ‘ Oh , you were always a fool , Neil , always — a fool to think that I would be content to live on nothing with a younger son and a fool to reject me now that I can give you the life which you ought to be living . ’
5 The only guarantee that I can give is that there will not be a Tory Government after the 1992 election .
6 The most comforting assurance that I can give the hon. Gentleman , which I am sure that he will welcome , is that the results of the study will be made public .
7 I am not sure that I can give the hon. Gentleman the first information that he requested .
8 The best answer that I can give him is that the fact that Mr. Thorpe had available to him the escape route of appealing to a health authority elsewhere in the country meant that the process was not carried to its conclusion in north Devon .
9 If I should miss any , I shall write to the hon. Members concerned as soon as possible — if possible , before the commencement of the Committee stage so that any information that I can give may be used in Committee .
10 Er , Chairman the , the only advice that I can give Dr on that point is to say that the county council is not letting them down er the funding for major road schemes is provided by central government and we make a contribution towards it but if central government do not give us permission to go ahead with the race road scheme in terms of a grant , then in fact it will not go ahead and in that situation they may be let down , that is their judgement and that should be reflected in the way they vote at parliamentary elections .
11 My Lords , I I 'm not sure that I can give an absolute answer to that , it would be wrong for me to , to guess .
12 When I said to you earlier erm there 's several ways in which you can help me now the main way you can help me is erm is er the way I do , the way I prefer to do business is by personal recommendations and you 've seen the service that I can give you , you 've seen , we 've been through your , your personal situation , your financial situation , have you found that of benefit ?
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