Example sentences of "that i [vb base] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 It is only after listening again to my tape-recording of our meeting that I hear him eventually say in his educated , upper-class Dublin accent : ‘ Well , over 90 per cent of people who get raped are not injured in that rape . ’
2 True faith in God means that I distrust myself in order to trust in God .
3 The old Frenchman was delighted with the tobacco and soap and he insisted that I join him in a drink .
4 Charles , her husband , jokes all the time about what I 'm wearing , insists that I join them for formal dinners late at night , and then teases me throughout them because I 've never eaten squid before , and I do n't know what haggis is made of .
5 This contrasts greatly with another professional publication that I receive which is stodgy and insists on corresponding via an employer 's address .
6 If I needed any proof that I bore you , that you do n't care about me — ’
7 I recall vividly one member of the aristocracy who was in such a state about being interviewed on TV that he insisted that I help him go through a half bottle of whisky first .
8 One officer suggested behind his hand that I visit him at his home after work , and in exchange for this little attention he would write me a six-month permis de séjour .
9 What happens when ‘ he ’ moves in and I ca n't work at all hours , ca n't eat when I like , ca n't take a bath any time I like , when he insists that I visit his relatives ?
10 Be pleased to tell them that I remember them with great kindness and great respect .
11 But in those rare flashes when one can shed the present self and all it is in command of I realise that there were really only two occasions when I did personally feel the times on my pulse in such a way that I remember them , and not what I have since reconstructed of them .
12 It was not so much by what Basil said that I remember him but by what he did .
13 However , during our visit to India he had been constantly with us , and in Jaipur I had experienced a gratifying sense of shared adventure ; but it was perhaps in the camp where we went each year from the Legation for an eagerly awaited ten days that I remember him most vividly .
14 I 'd like to say that I remember something about the rest of that walk but I do n't , only that it rained , then it rained some more , and when it got fed up with that , it rained again .
15 ‘ Trying to ensure that I remember you 're now my husband ? ’ she enquired sweetly .
16 The point of this is not the trivial name involved , but the fact that I remember it so clearly .
17 As I entered the committee room from the standard uncarpeted passage , I was given a friendly and businesslike handshake by the chairman , Lord Franks , who had courteously got out of his chair to greet his witness — an unfailing politeness that I gather he extended to every other witness .
18 I think it 's the nearest we 'll get to it , and it 's in the White Paper and it can be used in exactly the sense that I gather you would like it to be used , in the discussions we have on the results of the scrutiny , and that would be the starting point there .
19 But he said er , and I said that I gather you 're seeing Lynda the weekend if you do find anything perhaps you could pass it on to her .
20 It 's not so much that , it 's that I prefer my cooking to your cooking .
21 And the truth that I insist I have discovered about the animal world is that it is never , ever boring .
22 I thought to myself when it was erm , advertised on television , I thought I 'll tape that I bet I know well you 'll be interested in that .
23 And therefore it is only because I believe this particular phrase is quite literally to do with the very crux , the very cross , of our Christian understanding that I bring it before the general assembly .
24 ‘ It is unusual ’ , he wrote , ‘ for a bishop to confirm his own father — but it is as a great Nonconformist that I revere him . ’
25 Certainly I can not deduce which goals to pursue from the facts to be faced ; but will it not be a causally necessary condition of obeying ‘ Face facts ’ that I let myself be moved , at least incipiently , in the direction in which the facing of the facts would cause me to move ?
26 To the extent that I let myself be moved spontaneously in and out of perceptual and emotional awareness , it is likely to be my own ends , and those of persons whom I love or hate , which determine most of my choices of ends .
27 I ca n't believe that I was really that desperate , that I let myself go that completely .
28 I can not paint it as beautifully as that , but it absorbs me so much that I let myself go , never thinking of a single rule …
29 ‘ I said I was subject to them , not that I let them rule me ! ’
30 Sometimes I feel so lonely , so sick of my own thoughts , that I let him .
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