Example sentences of "that i [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 Of course , ’ he added with a twisted smile , ‘ it was n't until your last day in the office that I realised you were under the impression that it was I who 'd had the affair with Elise . ’
2 ‘ Except that I heard you threaten to . ’
3 If I needed any proof that I bore you , that you do n't care about me — ’
4 ‘ By God , Sally-Anne , your mother said that I spoiled you rotten , and I think that she 's right .
5 ‘ Trying to ensure that I remember you 're now my husband ? ’ she enquired sweetly .
6 I think it 's the nearest we 'll get to it , and it 's in the White Paper and it can be used in exactly the sense that I gather you would like it to be used , in the discussions we have on the results of the scrutiny , and that would be the starting point there .
7 But he said er , and I said that I gather you 're seeing Lynda the weekend if you do find anything perhaps you could pass it on to her .
8 my pain is that I knew you
9 ‘ Why have I always felt that I knew you before ? ’
10 And to think , ’ I say , brushing mud from a faraway marsh off my boots , ‘ that I knew you when your idea of power-dressing was a tool-belt round your hips . ’
11 ‘ In those Go-away times that I knew you had I should have guessed you needed help . ’
12 ‘ I saw you , it means nothing that I saw you
13 ‘ If you had n't known before , it must surely have occurred to you then , that it was a measure of my besottedness that I let you get away with it . ’
14 You were standing by the boat , demanding that I let you on board , and I felt such a raw , aching need lance through me that it shocked me .
15 May I remind you that I let you go ?
16 ‘ Meaning that I let you kiss me once I realised that was your intention , because I too thought that it would serve a purpose and stop Terry Lewis making any more waves .
17 in the state that I 've you know
18 And it is with every confidence that I tell you I am sure that this young couple will have a very happy marriage , and I would ask you to join me in wishing them both a long , happy , and prosperous future together .
19 You ken when there , there are , this , this old Mary that I tell you about er , she 'd had smallpox when she was young , she used to be a herring gutter .
20 I ca n't do that I tell you , I mean I do n't mind , do n't get me wrong it 's just that I was the last one back up and I got up there , still got a little bit of to do and they got more than they did
21 There are so many possibilities for pressed flowers that I hope you find it hard to contain your enthusiasm !
22 And so that I hope that I hope you find that interesting .
23 I , I 've got my views , I 'm sure you 've got yours , and I shall listen later in the morning to the debate , but I would finally say delegates , that I hope you enjoy your stay in Portsmouth , in particular Southsea where most of you are staying if you have a chance go to the rose gardens , have a walk along the sea front there , there it 's magnificent this time of year and a tribute to our staff in our direct works organization for their hard work .
24 Erm , I would like to close by saying that erm I just thought it would be just a nice idea that I would invite any of you members of the Council and wives who have n't got anything else to do on Christmas morning , if you fancy popping up to my house for a glass of sherry or whatever , just on a casual basis as a little thank you for what you 've done over the erm over the last twelve months , I extend that invitation to you all and District Councillors if they wish to come and I would like to say , on behalf of the Council , that I hope you all have a , this is the last full meeting , and to everybody here I hope you have a very nice happy peaceful Christmas and I hope we all go into the new year with renewed vigour .
25 Er , I make the point I think that , erm , we should oppose the er , Deregulation Bill if it 's based on providing deregulation by Ministers , because I think that 's a constitutional point that is of great import , but the , the rest of it erm , are really sets of principles that I hope you 'd agree to , subject to amen amendment and dis discussion , because the information that we got is that the consultation period is going to be very tight indeed , and that it might not be able to go through the normal committee procedures in order to put things through erm , with er , proposals in that , er , in that respect .
26 " Yes , it is , Butterworth , Clibber , it 's not that I doubt you , but I want to see for myself .
27 ‘ My father 's old housekeeper — he and she grew old together — has a daughter who needs to make money ; , she lives in Nile Street , and if you were to say that I sent you , she might well be glad to put you up till it is time for you to go to Oxford . ’
28 Now to do that effectively I think it 's essential that I get you to participate in what 's happening so from time to time I 'm going to ask you to answer questions , sometimes by writing them down , sometimes by shows of hands erm sometimes by er reacting back erm to the questions that I ask .
29 What happened was that I mean you made curtains er the rusty red was affected by light , so eventually you got a curtain where where the red spots had been there were holes .
30 Marie , you , you 're popular on highest scores on reflector as well that I mean you what did you think about that ?
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