Example sentences of "that i [verb] he " in BNC.

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1 It is only after listening again to my tape-recording of our meeting that I hear him eventually say in his educated , upper-class Dublin accent : ‘ Well , over 90 per cent of people who get raped are not injured in that rape . ’
2 It was n't until he asked if he could take some off that I realised he had got himself well wrapped up — with 24 articles of clothing , ’ said Taylor .
3 I was so surprised that I followed him without a word .
4 The old Frenchman was delighted with the tobacco and soap and he insisted that I join him in a drink .
5 I loved Tom McMahon too — you must n't be thinking I did n't , that I cheated him , but it was a different sort of love .
6 I delivered what was to be my longest speech of the evening , saying that I gathered he was keen to talk about his role , to talk about Gary .
7 That was the point that I heard him make in Brighton .
8 ‘ I was so terrified that I fought him all the way .
9 I recall vividly one member of the aristocracy who was in such a state about being interviewed on TV that he insisted that I help him go through a half bottle of whisky first .
10 These recent watercolours , larger , bolder and stronger than his earlier work , pleased me so much when first I saw them that I offered him an exhibition at Abbot Hall .
11 Blair worked on the islands for a number of years and I confess that I envied him .
12 One officer suggested behind his hand that I visit him at his home after work , and in exchange for this little attention he would write me a six-month permis de séjour .
13 It was not so much by what Basil said that I remember him but by what he did .
14 However , during our visit to India he had been constantly with us , and in Jaipur I had experienced a gratifying sense of shared adventure ; but it was perhaps in the camp where we went each year from the Legation for an eagerly awaited ten days that I remember him most vividly .
15 As I entered the committee room from the standard uncarpeted passage , I was given a friendly and businesslike handshake by the chairman , Lord Franks , who had courteously got out of his chair to greet his witness — an unfailing politeness that I gather he extended to every other witness .
16 Then I saw Mr Shepherd — and he looked so — so strange that I kissed him too . ’
17 ‘ It was at that place I told you about that I knew him , ’ he said to Lili .
18 I always felt that Basil was a very shy , warm hearted man with a special sort of honesty and I am glad that I knew him .
19 I could see , as he sang , the years drop away — so that I knew him : the young and hopeful singer , all the best to come , a bottle no more than something to be cracked among friends .
20 ‘ I would have thought that I knew him fairly well , but in writing the lyrics I found depths I had never contemplated . ’
21 I would have to bite back my angry words — that better men than he had driven the jeep but that I knew he would share their fate .
22 Not that I bore him any personal ill-will ; it was simply that I knew he could n't stay .
23 And do lots of things that I knew he was capable of doing .
24 Although Korda was now more of a financier than an active producer , it was his suggestion that led Graham Greene to visit Austria to see if he could find the background in the four-power occupation of Vienna which would inspire him to extend his one-line story : ‘ I had paid my last farewell to Harry less than a week ago , when his coffin was lowered in the frozen February ground , so that it was with incredulity that I saw him pass by , without a sign of recognition , among the host of strangers in the Strand . ’
25 He started wearing women 's clothes , he started putting on make-up and on the last couple of times that I saw him he was pretty strange .
26 And , though I hate to admit it , the fact that I saw him differently was Sophie 's doing .
27 Even so … there is reason to say that I saw him , even though I then neither made , nor could have made any judgement at all , either right or wrong , about who or what it was that I saw .
28 I had tried hard to destroy all feelings of love for him , but now that I saw him again , I could not stop myself loving him .
29 Just that I saw him on a train to London a couple of weeks ago .
30 ‘ It is unusual ’ , he wrote , ‘ for a bishop to confirm his own father — but it is as a great Nonconformist that I revere him . ’
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