Example sentences of "that [modal v] give [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Which is why any passing busybodies who choose to peer into the rear seat of a parked London taxi are rewarded with a sight that may give them pause for thought .
2 Do nothing that may give it a bad name .
3 Provided America does n't pull out of the alliance completely , that ought to give us all some protection . ’
4 Taken at its first test session at Michelin 's Clermont Ferrand test track , they show the car still under heavy disguise but revealing some of the characteristics that should give it a place among the great supercars .
5 The ears are senseless that should give us hearing to tell him his commandment is fulfilled , that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead .
6 And that , I mean it 's very very readable and I think if you just read those two books that should give you quite a good
7 Satisfied that she was safely hidden from view , Benny began swiftly examining the drums for labels that might give her a clue as to what was in them .
8 By middle age I had discovered that everything I wanted to do , every attitude I announced , every desire I expressed , anything that might give me joy appeared to contradict the wishes of someone else .
9 Well they had a particularly bad time many of them lost absolutely everything and now they 're protesting cos the Lloyds people are only coming up with a nine hundred million pound rescue package that might give them some of them back half of what they invested .
10 With the white pieces , he seemed intent on avoiding any continuation that might give him an advantage , playing into total equality , then drifting into an inferior position and time-trouble .
11 ‘ We do n't like anything that might give someone the idea to stick a poor fish in beer .
12 At a time when product design has lost its way , the gallery fails to provide a proper historical context that might give it some sense of direction .
13 ‘ Do n't you know anything else about her that might give you a lead ?
14 ‘ What you need is a couple of babies , ’ she observed ‘ That 'll give you something to think about . ’
15 There 's not many men who are n't even relations that 'd give someone a record player for a wedding present . ’
16 Just now he 's working on a deal that could give him a big say in the life of a lady who 'll ‘ definitely ’ be in the Top Ten within weeks .
17 If we win against both Spain and Japan that could give us a shot against South Africa in the quarter-finals , which would be tremendous news for Scottish rugby back home ’ , said Rutherford .
18 C T that could give us C C T plus any other form of constant
19 ‘ Christ that used to give me the shits , ’ said the New Zealander .
20 There was intended to be time to descend , to retire through the covert and to supervise the fast , careful infill of stone that would give them their bridge when the walls fell .
21 We set about a series of innovations that would give them access to that understanding , by means that were practicable within an already existing framework .
22 The Rover closed right up , blatantly harassing him into making one mistake that would give them the excuse to stop him .
23 With several newly qualified teachers and many more awaiting initiation , they literally ‘ Swung ’ all over the place — adult institutes , local church halls , fetes , in fact in or on anything that would give them a few square feet of space ; one Essex teacher even did a two year S-T-R-E-T-C-H in H.M Prison , Holloway and got time off for good behaviour ( a class of course ! ) .
24 Knowing the mountains were there , Martha passed hours gazing upwards , waiting for a break in the curtain of vapour that would give her a view to the summit , her attention fixed at that mysterious level where the mist descended on the tree-tops and blotted out the perspective entirely .
25 It was to be the first in a long line of pay battles that would give her a reputation for being one of the toughest negotiators in the business .
26 It was up to her , quickly , to forge herself a manner that would give her an advantage in whatever negotiations were to come : and she had done so , by the time he came down for his breakfast .
27 Aye , that , it 'd be the Voltarol that would give her the , the black stuff coming through .
28 He longed to do some real work that would give him some satisfaction at the end of a day , yet there seemed to be nothing for him to do .
29 ‘ How can I understand it , how can I understand it ? ’ he went on and on accusingly , as though scientists are to blame for not inventing a magic serum that would give him instant knowledge .
30 Then he turned , and with a little gesture of farewell crossed the highway and headed back towards Lima , a small , shambling figure glancing back every now and then in search of a truck that would give him a lift .
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