Example sentences of "that [modal v] [verb] you " in BNC.

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1 Given that over 20% of A-level papers are failed , that is reasonable : why gamble two years of lost earnings on studies that may leave you with no certificate at all ?
2 ‘ He may have some dreadful secret in his past that he wants to confess to you — something that may shake you to the core . ’
3 I am going to say something about you that may shock you .
4 ‘ There is nothing I can tell you , Officer , ’ said Iris in her stilted French , ‘ but my friend has something that may interest you . ’
5 This booklet has been prepared to give general information about adapting your homes and about other options that may help you establish and maintain independence .
6 One point that may help you is that the lower the potency the more frequently it is likely to need repeating .
7 Here are some questions that may help you further define the values of your department and/or organisation :
8 I 've got some news that may cheer you up . ’
9 And that , I mean it 's very very readable and I think if you just read those two books that should give you quite a good
10 I 'll have something ready that should make you feel better , and , before you ask me , yes , I did undress you and put you into my shirt .
11 Yet again this is a treatment that should leave you calm , with peace of mind and a sense of wellbeing .
12 This month , we 'll be looking at some examples that should help you to develop your fluency in playing these two interval types from a scalic standpoint .
13 ‘ Well , just so you do n't die wondering , I 'll tell you one titbit that should cheer you up .
14 Secret Agent is an excellent scrolling adventure game that should keep you playing for weeks .
15 ‘ I 'm phoning to tell you something that should please you … ’
16 Things that might irritate you ? ’ she asked carefully .
17 There are other signs that might lead you to believe that there 's things not as they might be , the legs may not be equal length particularly if only one is dislocated and that 's fairly obvious is n't it because the , the , the ball joint 's not in the socket and there 's a bigger gap so the leg hangs down longer and you 've all changed a baby have n't you and you see that they 've got little creases in the insides of their legs and across their buttocks , and those creases may not be a mirror matching they are normally , so those are clues .
18 If , in defence of your own attitudes , you do n't wish to examine them and believe that they are fixed , it 's not worth exposing yourself and listening to anything that might make you think differently .
19 ‘ Do n't you know anything else about her that might give you a lead ?
20 Then he said , ‘ I heard a story that might interest you . ’
21 ‘ Something that might interest you , Sir , ’ he began as they climbed up the steps of the parked trailer .
22 ‘ Something that might interest you , ’ he said shortly .
23 ‘ One thing that might interest you , last year our manager jumped from that bridge and broke his neck … ’
24 ‘ I saw a book here that might interest you , ’ he said .
25 ‘ I was just thinking when you left — I 've got an idea that might interest you . ’
26 ‘ Names ; a name ; anything that might save you , Cameron , ’ McDunn says patiently .
27 Here is some extra information that might help you plan a balanced eating regime .
28 When I say it 's the sort of answer you want I mean it 's the sort that might help you !
29 Clearly , ideas for changing the events that trigger your guilt feelings will depend on the exact circumstances , but here are some thought-starters that might help you to arrive at a feasible plan :
30 Clearly , ideas for changing the events that trigger your feelings of inadequacy will depend on the exact circumstances , but here are some thought-starters that might help you to arrive at a feasible plan :
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