Example sentences of "that [modal v] [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Short-term gains by cheating are likely to be offset by long-term losses that may affect one 's offspring and those of relatives .
2 Prisoners are brought up to date with new legislation that may affect them , such as housing and social security .
3 To maintain good credibility with the client , you need to call him before he sees an article in a newspaper that may affect his company — after all you are supposed to be his key person with the best knowledge of the media .
4 Asking for further training if necessary , a change in job definition or conditions , and for information about any future changes that may affect your objectives .
5 And if you have a very small amount of money , and a large number of erm demands on , on that budget , then the last thing you 're going to do , is to spend a lot of money reinforcing your house for an earthquake that may affect your grandchildren and not you .
6 Given that over 20% of A-level papers are failed , that is reasonable : why gamble two years of lost earnings on studies that may leave you with no certificate at all ?
7 Different groups have different access to resources that may enable them to make such a move .
8 For those not familiar with the effects of earth energy lines , Mr Heye sent further documentation with his letter that listed some of the tell tale signs that may show someone is suffering from bad earth vibes .
9 The mild cleansing formula has a neutral pH and high rinsability , so it wo n't leave behind any surface residue that may irritate your skin .
10 Most simply the insurance protects the value of your home against any action by another flat dweller in the block that may devalue your property .
11 ‘ He may have some dreadful secret in his past that he wants to confess to you — something that may shake you to the core . ’
12 Og course that may mean we 're shutting the door after the horse has shot its bolt .
13 If you have burnt your mouth , suck ice in order to stop any swelling occurring that may constrict your airway .
14 The recent interest in the role of cytokines , such as interleukin-1 and interleukin-6 in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease has prompted a search for drugs that may inhibit their formation or , alternatively , block their receptors .
15 Very often , with the benefit of hindsight , people can look back on their lives and identify stressful times more easily than identifying the present stresses that may surround them .
16 We may be meant to think that time is simultaneous , in a way that may owe something to the simultaneity propounded , ‘ perhaps ’ , in Eliot 's Four Quartets , where ‘ History is now and England ’ ; or that it is cyclical , a turning wheel , with human depravity paling into insignificance as the wheel turns into modern times .
17 The plaintiff must agree , expressly or impliedly , to waive any claim for any injury that may befall him due to the lack of reasonable care by the defendant . "
18 The plaintiff must agree , expressly or impliedly , to waive any claim for any injury that may befall him due to the lack of reasonable care by the defendant . "
19 In examining these conflicts and changes the particular aims of the researchers are to : elucidate the changes that occurred in the UK defence science and technology system in the 1980 's and to analyse their dynamics and interactions ; ii identify and examine the assumptions about the future being made by firms and governments to guide their current decision-making in this area ; iii consider whether clear and stable structural trends are emerging , and the factors that may influence them in the 1990's , including the transition to a single European market ; iv establish a better framework for assessing contemporary developments in defence technology policy and their consequences for other areas of science and technology policy .
20 However , if many people blithely ignore the ‘ nasties ’ that may await them overseas , an even more common mistake is to misunderstand their UK tax liabilities after their departure .
21 ‘ Applying that test , and bearing in mind that there are persons on the fringes of subversion that may make it difficult to draw the line ’ , the Commissioner has been satisfied that the Home Secretaries ' warrants have always been justified .
22 Slightly clumsy hard rock that may make it in America later .
23 Which is why any passing busybodies who choose to peer into the rear seat of a parked London taxi are rewarded with a sight that may give them pause for thought .
24 Do nothing that may give it a bad name .
25 When looking for a stretch that may contain them I 'm after variety in depth and flow , lots of lovely gravel and plenty of watercrowfoot for shelter .
26 Instead of becoming frustrated with the futility in solving the problem , the celebration of success combined with the reflection on limitations nourishes people to choose the next action that may bring them closer to real community change .
27 Their size alone is enough to intimidate any other animal that may threaten them .
28 The American scene should be a piece of cake for these lads after several years of sharing a camper and traversing huge chunks of arid land to play in one-day pro-ams that may net them a couple of hundred pounds .
29 I am going to say something about you that may shock you .
30 Vocatives in general are an interesting grammatical category , again underexplored , Vocatives are noun phrases that refer to the addressee , but are not syntactically or semantically incorporated as the arguments of a predicate ; they are rather set apart prosodically from the body , of a sentence that may accompany them .
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