Example sentences of "that [art] [noun sg] is " in BNC.

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1 The name ‘ Someone ’ that the protagonist is given during his death indicates his loss of social identity : he is no one in particular but all people , for his nuclear death family constitutes the ‘ primeval atom ’ .
2 These procedures are not framed in words which suggest that the determination is likely to be controversial .
3 Notice that you can make sure that the clock is always visible , no matter what other applications you are using , by selecting the option ‘ Always on top ’ from its Control bar menu .
4 I see that the clock is moving on , so I shall leave much of what I wanted to say until another day , and let the hon. Member for Bolsover speak .
5 ’ To give examples , he suggests that a kayak should have a jettisoning pod to prevent entrapment situations without making it clear that the buyer is unlikely to find one on the market .
6 Each of these is a type of contract of sale of goods and each has the characteristic that the buyer is committed to acquiring ownership of the goods .
7 The normal effect of such an authorisation is that the buyer is sub-selling for his own account .
8 ( a ) that the buyer is ( until title passes ) in possession of the goods as bailee of the seller ;
9 Suppose that under a contract , the seller is to deliver the goods to a ship and that the buyer is to nominate the ship so that delivery can be made .
10 As an alternative to restrictive covenants ( eg the buyer may build only one single-storey dwelling on the land hereby agreed to be sold ) , there may be positive covenants that the buyer is to be required to observe ( eg the buyer must erect a larchlap fence on the length of the left-hand boundary of the property ) .
11 Remember , if the buyer is borrowing on the security of a mortgage of the registered property , that the buyer is not yet the registered proprietor , and accordingly a land charges search in bankruptcy on the appropriate land charges form should be made against the buyer on behalf of his or her mortgagee in the unregistered Land Charges Register .
12 It is surely a matter of degree whether the goods are " ordinarily " supplied for private use , but s12(3) of UCTA 1977 provides that the onus is upon the supplier to prove that the buyer is not a consumer .
13 Further , the salesperson who does not respect the fact that the buyer is likely to be a busy person , with many demands on his time , may cause irritation on the part of the buyer .
14 This closing technique assumes that the buyer is willing to purchase but moves the decision to whether the colour should be red or blue , the delivery should be Tuesday or Friday , the payment in cash or credit , etc .
15 The other point is that the guitar is left-handed and therefore is wired to work counter-clockwise .
16 The Apollo missions have confirmed that the Moon is lifeless ; all the hopes that Galileo 's observations promised of another inhabited world have proved to be false .
17 The moon must have been captured later , although there is an interesting contemporary theory stating that the moon is the end-product of a tremendous collision between Earth and a giant planetesimal which reduced the careening object to pulverized grains .
18 Of course , in many cases this rigidity is perfectly justified — the notion that the Moon is in fact a vast spaceship placed in Earth-orbit millions of years ago by visiting extraterrestrials has , shall we say , little in its favour .
19 that the moon is
20 It is also what is involved when modern descriptions of the moon 's trajectory are retained and observation statements referring to the fact that the moon is much larger when it is near the horizon than when it is high in the sky are regarded as resulting from an illusion , even though the cause of the illusion is not well understood .
21 However , it is now known that the Moon is devoid of seas , and devoid of an atmosphere as well .
22 The uncompressed density of the Earth is considerably greater than that of the Moon and this strongly implies that the Moon is strongly depleted in metallic iron compared to the Earth .
23 The way of obtaining C outlined above does not assume that the Moon is in hydrostatic equilibrium , which is just as well because it is not .
24 However , it seems fairly certain that the Moon is depleted in iron with respect to the Earth , not only in iron alone but also in iron-rich compounds because iron and these compounds are too dense to be sufficiently abundant to make up the iron abundance to that of the Earth .
25 ‘ The next thing you will be telling me is that the moon is made of green cheese , ’ Blake snarled .
26 There 's a certain amount of history because the moon is if if the earth is spinning round the moon is going round the water that the moon is attracting will be rushing to catch up a little bit .
27 He may be not qualified for a number of reasons , including that in the above paragraph , save that if a returning officer has decided that the nomination is valid , that decision may not be questioned ( 1983 Act , sch.1 , para.12(5) , ( 6 ) ) .
28 Where a policeman is surrounded by a group of youths , one of whom he is attempting to pacify or arrest , and the youth uses language such that the policeman is or feels threatened , it is submitted that an offence is committed .
29 This means that it is no defence that the defendant believes that the policeman is acting outside the scope of his duty , even if he reasonably so thought .
30 If a person knows that he is confronted by a policeman and comes to the conclusion , wrongly , that the policeman is acting outside the scope of his duty , he acts at his peril if he chooses to use force to escape from his predicament .
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