Example sentences of "that [pron] [verb] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 When Williams appeared to like the idea , Orton totally changed the part so that it could fit him , not so much like a glove , but like a well-crafted cabinet , one in which Ken could be displayed at his finest and with plenty of space to ensure that nothing got in his way .
2 The smell was so all-pervasive that nothing consumed within half a mile of it could taste of anything not pertaining to dog .
3 Even if X. Ray was only the Baptist to some little woodchuck 's saviour , I do know that nothing died with Osvaldo except his own faults .
4 It does seem though , that nothing came of these leases , and during 1749 upon request by Sir William Fleming , one John Lawson ( a Quaker ) sent up Joseph Vipone to see the mines at Coniston and for this Lawson paid him 12s. plus 4s. for a horse for four days .
5 So either we shall have to disallow such a possibility and decree that nothing qualifies as a genuine proposition unless its truth-value is fixed for all time , i.e. that all propositions are what is sometimes called " eternal " propositions , or we shall have to accept that truth-value is not an integral part of the objective propositional content .
6 One familiar view is that nothing qualifies as a genuine proper name unless it singles out its object in an unambiguous fashion , and that this task can be accomplished only by a logically simple symbol .
7 9.16 Developing neighbouring property Landlords frequently include a proviso stating that nothing contained in the lease shall prevent them from altering , adding to , refurbishing and generally executing works to neighbouring property .
8 Frege argued that in asserting an existential proposition one is in effect saying something about the relevant concept , namely that certain things fall under it , or , conversely , that nothing falls under it , i.e. that the concept is empty , as the case may be .
9 For this , we assume that nothing changes after the first T periods .
10 I gather that nothing remains of the site today .
11 He was so close , she could n't think , she certainly could n't speak , explain that nothing mattered except the longing , the sudden urgency , the need to feel his mouth on hers .
12 If you made everything into a joke , people thought that nothing mattered to you , that you took nothing seriously .
13 It seemed that nothing mattered to her now .
14 It is an absolute rule of the Punch Table that nothing said around it ever finds its way into print .
15 But the next day Mr Clarke insisted that nothing had in fact changed from the NHS White Paper because it had not talked of cash limits , only of firm budgets .
16 In any other situation the worst thing that can occur is that nothing happens at all .
17 Just be prepared for Connemara enthusiasts to tell you that theirs is the only breed worth bothering about , Welsh Cob experts too insist that nothing compares with a good Section D and Highland/Fell/Dales etc exhibitors feel exactly the same !
18 The management ref refused to talk all the time and after a while it just got depressing , the fact that nothing seemed to be happening .
19 I do not mean to imply , he wrote , that nothing existed before that moment , no plans , no designs , no sketches and no notes , of course there were plans and designs , sketches and notes , how could there not be , he wrote , when my whole life has been nothing but a preparation for this beginning , not only in the sense that everyone 's life is always a preparation for every beginning in that life but in the quite specific sense that my own life has always been a preparation for this beginning , nothing but a preparation for this beginning , both consciously and unconsciously , with everything I have done as well as everything I have thought , everything I have felt as well as everything I have suffered .
20 This would seem to be an obvious recognition that nothing lasts for ever .
21 Apparently , that we only live once , that nothing lasts for ever , that the hours and days and years are rolling inexorably round , that soon we will all be in Hades with yesterday 's worthies , and nobody 's family connections or talent or good deserts will get them out : so we had better make the most of life while we have it .
22 1991 , 27 , 145 ) that nothing seems to be known about Clara Taylor during the years 1921–26 , when she was headmistress of the Northampton School for Girls .
23 ‘ My friends are concerned that nothing seems to be happening . ’
24 And she was going to make sure that nothing stood in her way !
25 North of the village towards Matlock Bath is Masson Mill , built by Richard Arkwright ( q.v. ) in 1738 as if to prove that nothing succeeds like success .
26 They want to see the elimination of the use of knives in crimes of violence , but their approach is that the law is adequate to deal with the problem and that nothing needs to be changed .
27 There is always a danger of this happening with innovation , of those instigating and leading a new initiative coming to believe that nothing happened in the field before their arrival .
28 Will my right hon. Friend confirm that our friends and allies round the world who may be faced with potentially aggressive neighbours are entitled to look to us for support in arms sales , for example , of the Challenger tank which is made in Leeds , and that nothing proposed on restricting arms sales generally in the interests of world peace will prevent us from supporting our allies in circumstances where that is necessary ?
29 it was , it was actually there was a programme on television and my husband took me to the doctor and he said he felt I 'd been on it too long , I 'd been on it about six months and when I come off it , I come off it pretty quick and I ended up erm I did n't know what was wrong with me and it ended up I 've now got epilepsy , and they did n't know if it was caused through erm I took a stroke about three four month after that and then I got the epilepsy as well , so they do n't know if that me coming off it
30 One of the impressive things about all this is that everyone agrees about his modesty , his lack of show .
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