Example sentences of "if it [is] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 if it is demonstrated by reference to authority binding on this court , or by reference to clearly established principles of the common law , that the appellants were rightly held to have committed the actus reus of contempt of court , this court can not apply directly the terms of the Convention so as to reach a different conclusion .
2 The latter can entrap adult birds and if it is incorporated into nests it can cause chick mortality .
3 ( A company is normally considered to be ‘ resident ’ only if it is incorporated in the UK , the Channel Islands , the Isle of Man or the Irish Republic and has its head office and place of central management in one of these jurisdictions . )
4 If it is incorporated , there 's usually an index of er , of rainfall that 's used .
5 A company will be considered resident in one of these territories if it is incorporated there and has its head office and place of management there .
6 But insurers have agreed to pay out if it is discovered in future that procedures which would now be classified as benign are found to cause environmental damage .
7 If it turns out that this is not the case , if it is discovered that the prohibition denies the would-be rapists more of a chance to pursue the good life than it gives their possible victims , then one may have to adjust other features of the political framework to make sure that this does not result in inequality of ability to pursue one 's conception of the good .
8 If it is discovered , employee theft is one of the least stigmatised of crimes .
9 But if it is discovered and threatened , it twists its legs outwards and arches its back in such an extreme contortion that it suddenly and disconcertingly exposes its underside — and that is a vivid scarlet , a spectacular warning that its skin contains a burning poison .
10 Incidentally , the generic name always starts with a capital letter , and the specific name with a small one , even if it is named after Jones .
11 Place the foot at the base of the door , and attach the arm so that it looks as if it is holding the door open slightly .
12 My hypothesis is that there is a space for a socialist argument in favour of investment planning ; that such an argument could be presented in such a way as to appeal to organised labour and even to broader strata of the population concerned about employment prospects and their standard of living in retirement ; that if organised workers were to support the proposal they could use their union organisation to press for social accountability of their savings funds ; and that if the proposals were not linked to a ‘ dogmatic ’ pursuit of nationalisation they would stand a chance of recruiting some support from the more progressive elements of the state and corporate salariat — those whose technical expertise would be required in any such project , even if it is overlaid with oppressive ‘ professional ’ and ‘ managerial ’ ideologies — helping to isolate , so far as possible , reactionary financier elements .
13 You should practise saying goodbye , thanking the interviewer , shaking his ? her hand if it is proffered and making a confident exit .
14 A single blow from a Singing Blade can cleave a fully armoured man in two if it is struck from a thundering chariot .
15 The answer lies in the fact that , usually , the program , once written , can only be run in a computer if it is converted into object code whether temporarily , using an interpreter program , or permanently , using a compiler program .
16 If it is lived in that world , the vow of celibacy witnesses to other women and indeed to men .
17 Worse news for complacent Germans is that Chancellor Helmut Kohl told parliament yesterday that Germany must overhaul its social , economic and educational systems if it is to remain a leading industrial power : Germany has the shortest working week , the oldest students and the youngest pensioners among industrial countries , and that this undermines competitiveness — ‘ a successful industrial nation , a nation with a future , can not be organised like a collective amusement park . ’
18 Such a company must be prepared to invest in its ability to produce economically , if it is to remain competitive .
19 This should be supported by the health service as part of the programme of development that any large organisation must adopt if it is to remain up to date and use its resources cost effectively .
20 Capital , if it is to remain profitable , needed its workforce constantly reproduced .
21 The microcomputer should have a form of security e.g. by bolting it to a desk if it is to remain in one place all the time , perhaps next to the library catalogue .
22 Lastly we must all learn how to protect the Earth from pollution , acid rain and the Greenhouse Effect if it is to remain a safe and healthy place to live in in the future — your future .
23 Attach the arm inside the sarcophagus so that it looks as if it is coming out of the base , and bend it up slightly so that it looks as if it is pushing up the lid .
24 Having said that , if there is n't any pay formula included in this deal , er no matter what the percentage increase over the two years , I think er the strength of feeling across the country , people will not be happy with this and if it is balloted on it will be rejected .
25 If it is listed , then it has been officially recognized by a qualified historic building inspector as being of special interest ; it has statutory protection and , in the words of the government circular , ‘ warrants every effort being made to preserve it ’ .
26 These days , that can not happen because the case is unlikely to be listed and , if it is listed , it will be adjourned , so a local authority has no means of carrying out its responsibilities .
27 UPJOHN , the maker of the controversial injectable contraceptive , Depo-Provera faces much more than the unspecified objections of health minister , Kenneth Clarke , if it is to reverse Clarke 's decision to ban the use of the drug as a long-term contraceptive in Britain .
28 If it is injured or sick it may sit quietly in an unusually visible position during daylight hours .
29 But an awareness of what is involved in the purchase deed ( called a conveyance where laud is unregistered , and a ‘ transfer ’ if it is registered ) can be very helpful .
30 The business to which the goods are sold ( if it is registered for VAT ) , when it makes its return to Customs and Excise , claims back the VAT which it has paid on the goods , which is known as the input tax .
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