Example sentences of "if [pron] [adv] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It will provide if no-one else does .
2 I 've got a couple of things I 'd really like to mention if no-one else has got anything .
3 Lydia thought the Prince of Darkness would lose much of his power if everyone habitually called him Stan .
4 It 's as if everyone else had given up and the Government then said , ‘ Oh , give the workers some money and let them have a go . ’
5 If everyone else has got boy or girl friends , so what ?
6 Then I ask : how would you feel if everyone else cooled out like you ?
7 That is , the student may improve his or her performance by 100 per cent , but if everyone else improves similarly this grade will be no higher than before .
8 Alternatively , people sometimes leave their estate to charity as a long-stop , with the charity inheriting the estate if everyone else mentioned in their will has died , for example .
9 It may be an over-simplification , but imagine the improvement to our daily lives if everyone always understood everyone else , and it our speech and actions were always interpreted in the way we intended .
10 He had told her the one thing of importance , even if nothing else made any sense .
11 That 's an argument that ought to appeal to the Noble Lords opposite if nothing else does !
12 However , with the sticky label approach and the possibly dangerous method of fitting the power supply — the mains hum will affect the picture quality if nothing else happens — the unit slips into the second rank .
13 If nothing else happens , we are in the world of monetary base control .
14 Even if nothing else had changed , widespread support for the idea that ‘ Black Wednesday ’ delivered Britain to recovery would alter the character of the ERM .
15 as if nothing else had been said , he added : ‘ I know he 's unbalanced .
16 He would try and remember to post it in the Sandyford Toll Receiving House on the way back , if nothing else intervened .
17 The store manager said he would motivate subordinates in the following ways : offering praise , incentives , providing re-training , and finally a quiet talk if nothing else succeeded ; in other words threatening them with dismissal .
18 No wonder we have always eaten as we have , she thought ; if nothing else comes out of my malaise I may at least learn how to cook in the spirit of the times .
19 We shouted our biological achievements at each other as if nothing else mattered .
20 He hoped fervently that they would go back to Florence and had dropped several hints in the hope of getting this information out of them , but the Captain was always concentrating on the job in hand as if nothing else mattered and the magistrate only smiled and nodded distractedly , his mind apparently elsewhere .
21 Sit down and read as if nothing else mattered .
22 Work on the survey had to await Hailey 's retirement , but the choice nevertheless proved to have been an extremely shrewd one , justifying , if nothing else did , Curtis ' lifelong faith in himself as a fisher of men .
23 When machines went funny you just oiled them or prodded them or , if nothing else worked , hit them with a hammer .
24 Most things are played with conviction and have neat tunes , and if nothing here changes your life , it 's a decent record for a bastard hot sticky day .
25 as if nothing bad happens here . ’
26 Councillors should know beforehand what they are expected to discuss and a councillor may absent himself if nothing really concerns him on the agenda .
27 But er , if I also put something of row fifteen thirty seven , then it does n't use memory for all those rows between there and there .
28 If I also say to him that the lesson we learn from the United States is not to go down the route that he and his party have signed up to in signing up to a socialist manifesto for the European elections .
29 But if we now recall the alternative definition of democracy as popular power , or popular sovereignty , then it becomes clear that it can not be a democratic act for the people to vote away their own power and their own rights ; any more than if I freely renounce my freedom I can remain free because the renunciation was a free act .
30 All that might be allowed for in this context was that individual cases might be considered if I particularly pressed " , and it has to be added that this was in full accordance with the AFHQ instruction of 7 March which stated that " it is not the policy of she British Government to encourage any of those persons who become a British responsibility to put forward claims that they are NOT Soviet Citizens " .
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